Cut An Edge In Any Market and Stand Out With A Unique Personal Brand

Cut An Edge In Any Market and Stand Out With A Unique Personal Brand

Hope everyone is doing well today. I want to do a quick training on a very important topic for anybody in business, entrepreneurs and even others. This is the topic of building your own personal brand. How do you define yourself and cut an edge in the market? How do you stand out and rise above the noise? I’ve got a simple three-step process to do that, which is define your edge, refine your edge and build upon your edge. When I say edge, I mean your differentiating features. The things that make you unique. This will become your personal brand. Sometimes it takes a lot of introspection, reflection, and self-awareness to really come to the conclusion of what this is.

Build and Refine Your Platform

This process is a matter of getting in tune and comfortable with what these defining characteristics are. Then take those, and build strengths and skills to support these. Focus on creating and refining a platform which you can build upon. For example, in my luxury real estate brokerage business, the thing that makes us different (our edge) from all the other agents, brokers, and teams out there is this one-word: sophistication. That’s our edge. Everything we do is sophisticated.

  • Our expert level of counseling we give our clients
  • Our level of world-class service
  • Our level and quality of marketing
  • Our professional ability to present and tell a story creatively
  • Our way of conducting business
  • Our interactions with clients
  • And most importantly, how we present ourself

The list goes on and on. We want to live in the lifestyles that we represent because that speaks to our ideal client avatar. The whole objective here is that it allows us to step up our game, stand out, and differentiate from everybody else. When you’re the top of mind brand and you’re visible, you will really start to grow and scale. So I want to ask you if you’re building a personal brand, if you’re in business, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re in real estate, to follow this simple three-step process. Define your edge, refine your edge and build upon your edge. For us again, this is sophistication. Injecting sophistication into everything we do and making this a part of our brand DNA.

Implement The Three-Step Process

Lastly, if we build upon it, we will create a foundation of sophistication in every functional area of our luxury real estate business. This will enable us to stand out, rise above, and attract more business, leads, and visibility in the marketplace with a powerful personal brand. Hopefully, you find this helpful. The three-step process to cutting edge in any market and standing out with your personal brand. Hope you’re well. Talk to you guys soon.

Embrace The 12 Week Year to Accomplish More

Embrace The 12 Week Year to Accomplish More

Hey everybody! I want to give you all a little reminder. If you haven’t already, purchase The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. Make a point to read the book in the coming days. It’s not too long, about a hundred pages, and you get access to all the great PDFs and worksheets on the website. Again, The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. This is a really powerful system that is simple, effective, and all about getting more done in 12 weeks than most people do in an entire year. You can get the book and all the great resources it comes with now by clicking here.

Create Your Own 12 Week Vision

I want to challenge you all to create your own 36-month vision, 12-month vision, and then break this down further to a quarterly vision which is your 12-week plan of action. Once you have this, only choose two or three professional goals and maybe one personal goal to accomplish in the next three months. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle too much with your first 12-week vision.

My recommendation is to start small and build this up over time. Then, start to break it down week by week, month by month with the tactics and strategies. These will underpin the successful accomplishment and completion of your 12-week goals.

If you want to go above and beyond using only the PDFs and the worksheets that the authors provide you through the field guide, you can purchase their software system, Achieve, which is what I did. It’s three payments of $99 and gives you access to a software system that tracks and measures your progress.

Continuously Improve Your Professional and Personal Life

Everyone improves naturally and Achieve makes it easier to keep track of all these targets you set. You can set goals, tracking for teams at work, or keep your personal and business goals separately. So again guys, this is The 12 Week Year. If you haven’t gotten it, get it now, read it, and start to implement it. After you have digested all this great content, think of how you can create a support system. This will help you stay on track to reach your goals. Create weekly accountability groups that will help you execute and implement the strategies and tactics to make sure that these goals actually get done. This will help you avoid becoming stagnant and wondering why these goals weren’t accomplished.

Why I’m Grateful for this Country

Why I’m Grateful for this Country

As I spent Independence Day up on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York, I couldn’t help but reflect on why I feel so lucky to live in this country. Thinking all the way back to our founding fathers, and how America was incredibly outmatched in the war against England. But they committed to their vision and created the country we have today. America is about sacrifice, refusing to fail, and freedom, three things that are the foundation of the American spirit.

Second Chances

If you know anything about me and my story, you know I’ve been through a lot. Our great country understands that people make mistakes, and not everyone is perfect. We know that people can grow and change, and that just because they acted in a certain way doesn’t mean they should get ridiculed for the rest of their lives. America believes in second chances and loves a good turnaround story. In my past, I’ve had to take responsibility for my actions and deal with the guilt and emotions that go along with making certain decisions. I’ve also had to find a way to get past it and make positive contributions to the world. In no other country is there this commitment to resiliency, and an opportunity for second chances.

Commit to Your Vision

When you commit to your vision, you never give up on yourself and never accept failure. That’s what’s so admirable about this country and that’s why I’m so grateful to live in it. No matter what your vision is, you have the ability to go after whatever it may be. I’ve been able to reinvent myself and impact people on a daily basis. That’s what our flag stands for (and so much more).

I hope you take some time today to reflect on what makes this country such a wonderful place to live in and remember to always commit to your vision.



Grow Your Network and Build Relationships Through Networking Events

Grow Your Network and Build Relationships Through Networking Events

Hey guys, Keir here coming to you live from Broadway in Saratoga Springs. I’ve got the Adelphi Hotel, one of the nicest hotels in upstate New York behind me. This is the venue of our second networking event our brokerage team here at Sotheby’s International Realty is hosting tonight. The reason I’m doing this live is I wanted to share with you a very low cost, fairly easy to organize, and great strategy for building your network, growing relationships, and generating new clients and new sources of business. Host a free networking event. Put together a free networking event where you’re at the center of the room, bringing people together, adding value, and providing a forum and a place for new people to meet. This will help you develop new relationships, find new potential customers and clients, vendors, or partners in business.

This is a really great strategy that is low cost and easy. We happen to outsource the actual event marketing, logistics, venue management and follow ups to a company called Rockstar Connect. They help you organize, market, fill, and follow up with a free monthly networking event so that you can start to build momentum for your brand. It’s a great way to set it and forget it. Have somebody else manage all the logistics and marketing, and you just show up as the rock star, work the room, add value, facilitate relationships, and growth.

If you’re not doing it, make sure you are. It’s a great way to grow your network. Great way to connect with new and old faces. This is also the perfect time of year to do it when it’s nice and warm out.

Hopefully this helped you guys. Again, the name of that partner is Rockstar Connect. Check them out. We’re going to be here behind me at The Adelphi. Thanks. Bye.



Jack Canfield’s Success Principles: Unpacked and Debriefed

Jack Canfield’s Success Principles: Unpacked and Debriefed

One of the most influential books in the self-help and self-improvement space, which I have found immense value from, and I highly recommend reading is from Award Winning, New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield. He was the co-creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul and wrote one of the best collections for this space. He takes all of his warnings, teachings, and things that he’s come across in his 40 years in this business and distilled them into about 60 distinct success principles. It is an amazing book. Make sure you get the most recent addition.

Instill 4 New Success Habits a Year

Imagine if you instilled four new success habits per year in your life. If you instill these into your daily routine imagine what that’s going to do. The compound effect over the next two, three, five, ten years, or a lifetime. It’s going to have a dramatic, compound effect. So you may ask what is a success habit?

A success habit could be something simple like changing your diet, not eating as much sugar, carbs, or fatty foods. It could be something like working out three to five times a week or committing to getting up earlier. Having a strong morning routine. The list goes on. My morning routine is something that’s critical and centers me for the day so that I can win the morning and win the day. Another success habit could be a strong evening routine. Making sure that you’re shutting off from work, spending enough time on personal projects, or with your family so that you can end the day, plan for the next, and recharge. This allows your unconscious subconscious faculties to work towards achieving your goals and vision for the next day. You will wake up refreshed and ready to hit the ground running, Another success habit could be choosing to take ownership and management over your finances in a more deliberate and intentional way.

What Would You Change to Become More Successful?

A very important habit is choosing to save 10% of your income. Being more proactive about investing in your future. Whether that be in your kids’ education fund, creating passive income streams, or building an investment fund. Whatever it may be, these are all great examples of success habits. Habits of those who are successful in mind, body, spirit, health, and practice. So take a few minutes and think about what some of these success habits look like for you. What are things that you would like to change to become more successful? How can you implement these into your life and start to experience dramatic results? These will compound over time. Think about that. Think of how many amazing new habits and disciplines you’re going to build over just the next five years.

This concept is very powerful when you commit to it. So again, make sure you get a copy of the book, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. It’s available on Kindle, hardcover, paperback or audible, which is what I’m listening to right now as I drive a lot. This is a very effective and amazing book about 65 distinct success principles.

Thanks guys, have a great week and we’ll talk more soon!

Keir’s Story

Keir’s Story


Have you ever feared you would never find your true purpose and potential, and achieve your dreams in life? Have you ever woken up one day, and wondered why you weren’t in a different place life?

I have.

I never would have thought in a million years I would end up in prison. I had a great family and childhood. I was having fun in college with friends. One night out after drinking too much I caused a tragic accident on a boat. It was the worst possible thing that could have ever happened. I was sentenced to serve up to 6 years in New York State prison for vehicular manslaughter.  

Everything changed forever in an instant, but one thing did not: my iron will to persevere and never give up. My vision was strong. My why was unwavering.


Don’t count time. Make time count.

After going my entire first year in real estate without making $1 of income, to racking up $40,000 in debt, to still living at home, I was again confronted with another huge wall. Discouragement and self-doubt began to creep into my mind. But I persevered. I refused to give up.

After thirteen months in the real estate business I sold my first property. Then another. Until I became the top broker in my company and soon after formed my own brokerage team. I had broken through that wall and finally hit a turning point. The next step for me was launching multiple businesses that topped seven figures. The world had finally opened up for me.

Every day I am driven by gratitude and humility. The ability to share my success and experience with others is something I don’t take lightly. After all these years of roadblocks and overcoming obstacles I want to help you break free from each of these in your life. The boating accident was the worst possible tragedy that could have ever happened, but my time in prison was the best thing that happened to me. It finally gave me purpose in my life. I took the opportunity to heal and grow.


Don’t let the past control your future.

Have you ever felt defeated, broken, and without motivation in the face of huge obstacles? Have you ever feared you won’t find your true purpose and potential or achieve your goals in life? I have felt all of these emotions. Our future and destiny in life is not controlled by our past. Everyone has the ability to break free, and reach your potential. Through perseverance and an unwavering commitment to our goals and ourselves we can achieve true freedom in life in every sense.

We can all live a life of impact, fulfillment, and abundance on our own terms. So chase after your dreams and vision. Let’s do this together as a tribe, community, and a movement. Let’s GO!!