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Take your realtor practice to the next level.

Through his flagship course Sophisticated Agent Keir offers agents a next generation real estate program which transforms their current business and grows their real estate income no matter the stage of their career and business.

If you follow Keir’s proven process and course which is what he developed and implemented to consistently be #1, you too can build a life and career on your own terms.


My program elevates your career by:

  • Building a wider peer network
  • Building your confidence
  • Helping you get better listings
  • Raising your average sale price
  • Improving your client base
  • Developping a method for closing more sales
  • Enjoying your job more
  • Having more time with family
  • Having more freedom
  • ..and ultimately building the life you’ve always wanted and creating a life on your terms

I’ve been there.

I can help you.

Keir Weimer has experienced and overcome some of life’s lowest bottoms, and has broken through several colossal walls in his path to achieve success, wealth, happiness and freedom in life.

From someone who ended up in prison for a boating accident in college, to overcoming the emotions of guilt and remorse surrounding his actions, to breaking-free from alcoholism, to incarceration, to graduate school denials, to first year in the business without zero income… Keir knows how to break-free from adversity and discouragement to find success and he wants to help you.

Keir’s proven process built his 7-figure empire

Keir developed a comprehensive system for his mindset, for his real estate business, and for his life that has allowed him to achieve heights he never would have imagined just a few short years ago.

Keir went from zero income his first year in real estate and almost leaving the industry, to the #1 Agent in and the #1 Team in closed sales consistently at his company Select Sotheby’s International Realty. He went on to found and grow several other successful 7-figure businesses in real estate investment, hospitality development, and now an education and information company.

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Keir might best be described as a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer, having founded, grown and currently presiding over several multimillion-dollar businesses in the real estate and lifestyle industries.

Keir has a passion for taking early-stage novel ideas to market, and growing teams, cultures and businesses around them.



Keir’s Story

  Have you ever feared you would never find your true purpose and potential, and achieve your dreams in life? Have you ever woken up one day, and wondered why you weren’t in a different place life? I have. I never would have thought in a million years I would end...

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