I want to talk about why perseverance is power. And why when we persevere through the challenges, the setbacks, the things that we encounter that frustrate our goals, that we can really, really achieve them and become successful and actually exceed our original expectations.

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You know, a part of my approach to life and approach to accomplishing my goals. And my objectives is really committing fully to what I endeavor to do. And then actually committing relentlessly meaning, embracing this idea of persevering of working through those things that will come up no matter what, and just not giving up. It’s something that’s served me so well. It’s helped me really break through a lot of barriers as I’ve grown my career, my businesses, and really grown as a person matured as a professional.

And I just want to impart a couple of tips and ways in which I do this to a really high level, because I really feel that most people are on the five yard line, right. Really close to achieving their goals, their dream life, their dream career, their business. But they give up, they lose focus, they lose confidence and they lose commitment. When they’re this close to a breakthrough, when they’re this close to achieving what it is they originally set out to do. So a couple of quick tips on how I persevere to accomplish and make sure I see it through to the end and make sure that I achieve my goals.

Get clear on why you’re doing it

That’s important to do from the outset, which is what are the reasons why this is pulling me? Why am I going to invest time and resources? And the trade-offs, the opportunity costs of what else I could be doing with my time and resources, but I’m choosing to do this right? So we’re getting really, really clear on the why.

Chart out and anticipate any obstacles that might come up

This is important too, so that we’re not totally dumbstruck and, you know, awestruck by the things that do happen. But we actually have a little bit of forecasting and a little bit of expectation and understanding like what those might be, right? So we have some visibility down the road and can understand what might come up before it actually does. This is really important too.

You know, and I kind of recommit sometimes when I feel discouraged or frustrated or I’m losing confidence and something’s becoming really hard. Case in point, I realized too that I don’t always do a good job of putting myself in the shoes of others when I’m trying to understand where they’re coming from, when we’re both working for the same goal, but might have a different set of objectives or personality traits or ways in which we do things.

And I’m kind of working through that right now with a very difficult situation. But when I did take myself out of my own shoes, out of my own world, my own perspective, and I understood the other parties better, it made me realize where I had made an error.

It made me realize where I could show and demonstrate more empathy

It made me realize where I could address this from a different angle. And I did that and I was able to bring around the conversation pretty quickly. So that was one case of point where that empathy, that taking out, you know, the perspective outside of your own lens for a minute can really, really serve you. And another way that I find power and perseverance is by, you know, repeated confidence that I get from achieving my goals over and over and kind of consistently elevating the play of field, right. And the level at which I play.

Meaning we create confidence and we create a level of certainty. When we set out and tell ourselves in the world, we’re going to do something and then we go out and actually accomplish it.

It feels good to do that. And in order to do that because no great goal comes without sacrifice and obstacle, we need to create big goals to start with. Right? So that’s important too, is to dream big enough so that we can lean into and grow into and find ways to achieve things. And don’t undersell and under cut our dreams and our ambition, right?

So dream big and then recommit, persevere, and find the resources, the people, and the strength you’re going to need to break through those obstacles and walls, right? Because there’s so much power guys in perseverance that ability to commit relentlessly to our vision and to persevere through all the obstacles and not give up until we achieve it.

So much power in that. Just pause for a minute and think about that. I hope this was some value to you this week. If it was drop me a line, let me know like this, share this with somebody that could benefit from it too. And as always to your success, your happiness and your freedom as well. I hope that you too can find power and perseverance.

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