Now this week, I wanted to come to you with a message that’s really, really important, I think to hear right now.

And one that’s really helping us get new levels of growth in our respective organizations. And I hope it can help you too, as a lesson. And it’s something that we probably all know deep down, but maybe we don’t do enough or don’t make enough of a regular practice and investment of time, resources, energy, and money.

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It is very simple, empower those around you.

Empower the people you work with in order to hit new levels of growth. In order to hit new levels and your goals now.

And the reason why this is so powerful and so simple, right, is because what I’m starting to realize is that when I get out of the way, when I let some control go, when I entrust the responsibilities of some of the things that I’ve traditionally done in my businesses, we actually do things a little bit better sometimes. We actually grow quicker, we actually free up head space and time now so that I can create and focus on other strategic, visionary, team building things that are really, really important for me as a leader and founder to do.

And it gets me a little bit out of operations. It gets me a little bit out of the day-to-day gets me a little bit out of things that quite frankly, a lot of my colleagues and team members are better than me at and should be doing anyhow. But it’s that release of control, right? It’s bringing in new people and elevating and promoting those within your organization to do that, right?

And it’s a shift in the mindset first and foremost, but it’s also a commitment of energy now in training and development of those people around you, on your team, so that they can be better equipped with the skills, the training and the support they need to now take on new responsibilities, right?

New things that might be ordinarily not what they would be doing. And also requires letting go of some of the money and the control, right? In order to bring in new people. You know, for instance, we are hiring for a couple of new positions now in operations and executive assistant role. And you know, those are salaries, right? That we didn’t necessarily plan out immediately, that we’re having to commit to.

Those are onboarding and training timelines, right? Those are resources and time from other people to train them on our teams, to get those new team members up to speed. But the thing is once they are, when it’s the right hire and the right fit is there culturally there’s, buy-in on the vision, it can change everything, right? You can start to really free up that time that we need, right? Whether we’re an executive, a business owner an entrepreneur, founder, et cetera, what have you, we need support, bottom line.

We can’t do it all. We need help.

And we need to empower those around us in order to do that. In order to start getting more creative, to work on the next project, to be business planning more than just a quarter, a few months out, but actually years out, right?

And to be able to grow at a high level in a high rate and not be bogged down because right now I know that I feel a little bit stretched thin and I need that level of support and I need to entrust and build the leadership team and our respective companies more than ever. So hopefully this message hit, hopefully this message helped in some way and it’s simplistic, but powerful.

Invest in your people. Invest in those around you. Develop, enhance their skills, be a mentor, be a support person, be available and approachable and let go of control, some power and some money in order to release some of those responsibilities so that they can step into those roles and be fully supported in them.

And watch what happens. It’s pretty significant and remarkable. So hopefully this helps. Let me know if it did, drop me a comment, shoot me a like, or a message. Share with somebody who could also benefit from it. And it’s always to your success, your happiness and your freedom. We’ll talk to you soon.

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