I Help Ambitious People

Achieve True Freedom & Create a Life on Their Terms

I Help Ambitious People

Achieve True Freedom & Create a Life on Their Terms

I Help Ambitious People

Achieve True Freedom & Create a Life on Their Terms

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Want to Elevate your Life and Career?

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Do You Have Big Goals for Yourself and Your Life?

But maybe have realized that reaching your full potential, achieving your goals consistently, and creating the life you want…is hard?

  • Do you struggle to stay consistent in the habits, behaviors and mindset required to achieve your goals and the life you want?
  • Do you need help creating a clear vision for your life and your future?
  • Do you want to build a life by design on your terms, but don’t know how?
  • Do you feel frustrated sometimes and don’t know why exactly?
  • Do you feel lost and confused sometimes as to why you’re not further in life?
  • Could you benefit from a guide to help show you the way? A guide who’s been to the depths of despair and tragedy, and built a life of purpose, impact, wealth and freedom as a result?

The Cost of Not Achieving Our Dreams is HUGE

  • We sometimes settle for jobs, careers, relationships and a level of achievement…that is below our true potential
  • We get discouraged by not being further ahead in life, by not realizing our dreams
  • We feel negative, self-defeating emotions and self-talk that makes it even harder to get back on track
  • Our performance in our career suffers as a result. Our relationships with our loved ones and friends suffers. We aren’t as happy and motivated
  • Our energy level and ambition suffer and diminish.
  • We feel inadequate, helpless even sometimes, and frustrated that we have not been able to create the life of our dreams and on our terms, no one else’s

I Can Help You

I’ve been where you are, in fact in a far worse place. I understand your frustrations. I know how to help you move forward

  • Less than 10 years ago, I was in prison for an alcohol-related accident I caused in college that claimed the life of a friend of mine
  • I was released to parole and at 30 years old I was completely broke, living at home with my parents, no car or license, curfew, and reading the last of 7 denial letters to graduate school
  • I had no job, no way of getting one, no future. I felt completely broken…once again.
  • I’ve been sober for over 12 years and have built a Live Free Lifestyle centered on freedom
  • I’ve started and grown a total of five, 7-figure plus successful businesses in the real estate, lifestyle, and coaching/education spaces
  • I’ve written 2 books, one a #1 Amazon Bestseller
  • I’ve been a featured speaker on stages across the country
  • I’m a Certified Coach helping people achieve their goals and the best version of themselves
  • I’ve built a life of freedom, wealth, abundance and impact…that I never thought imaginable just a few short years ago when I was at one of life’s lowest bottoms
  • I’ve done all of this in less than 8 years as a working professional, and my focus now in this next chapter, I helping to inspire, educate and train others to achieve their goals and dream lives too

Want to Create a Healthy, Free and Successful Lifestyle By Design?

Keir’s unique program and system of living and achieving at your highest potential will help you to…

Develop a strong vision for your life and then a plan to support your ambition

Achieve clarity on what to do today to be more successful in your life and career

Cultivate strong daily habits and routines to supercharge your success

Make tactical changes to increase your energy in all areas of life

Enjoy deeper, more rewarding relationships

Build more freedom, impact, wealth and abundance into your life

Create a lifestyle by design and a life on your terms that you can be proud of

In this free video training Keir will uncover the 3 key elements you need to successfully create a lifestyle by design

Watch this short video from Keir on what you’ll learn in the training video

Want to Elevate Your Life and Career?

3 Key Strategies to be More Successful in All Areas of Life

FREE Video Training

Keir’s insights have been featured in:

What people are saying about Keir


New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs and, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Keir Weimer is an inspiring real life example of the ultimate comeback story. He learned how to change his life and this is your chance to allow him to help you change yours.


USA Today’s ‘Most Connected Millennial’

Keir’s insights are practical, valuable, and “real world” ready. Take 5 minutes to try one of the tips or strategies and see for yourself!


Former Miss Nevada, On-camera Host at Red Carpet Confidence

Keir’s successes were built on a foundation of resilience and unwavering vision. Distilling his triumphs over adversity down to strategic bits of wisdom and easy-to-replicate behaviors sure to help readers achieve results.

About Keir

Keir Weimer

Keir Weimer is the Founder of the Live Free Lifestyle and Co-Founder of Inspired Recovery, LLC, which is an organization focused on helping inspire, train and equip people to break free from bad habits, indulgences and addictions to truly live free, and create a life on their terms.

Keir’s purpose and success in life is the result of a tragic, life-changing event that forever altered his path when he was in college. He was responsible for an alcohol-related boating accident that killed his friend. Weimer served three and a half years in New York State prison for his crime. He overcame the adversity that became his daily life, including when he was released and faced rejection from graduate schools and society, never giving up on himself and committing relentlessly to his vision for a life of impact and purpose.

Keir’s success and expertise in real estate, entrepreneurship, coaching and lifestyle by design, have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several other major global media outlets. He is a sought-after and frequent speaker at industry events and at schools, businesses and other venues where Keir shares his motivational life story of redemption from tragedy and how to live a life of purpose and freedom from bad habits, indulgences and addictions to create a life on your terms.


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