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As we’ve been talking about, we’re winding down this year and this quarter, but also the 2010s. So I’m hoping you’ve started working on your business and personal planning for 2020, as well as for this new decade.

It’s an exciting time and it should be something that you really jump into with everything you have. Get really deep and transparent on the progress, and address the successes and some of the setbacks that you may have had this year so that you can really form a strong foundation for 2020 to be a springboard for the rest of this new decade.

Personally, I love this stuff so I’m spending two full days in the mountains and going down into the trenches of business planning for all my four businesses and personal planning to revise my next decade of life vision, and my strategies for how I’m going to get there. The network plan, the capital plan, the resource plan, the specific strategies and tactics for how I’m going to accomplish these goals. 

And I’m really trying to think big and connect all of my ambitions here and all these different businesses—from multimedia to resorts and development to our multifamily business with Odessa to our brokerage team to this new exciting announcement, which I can’t share too much on, on something that’s really personal for me that we’re going to be launching next year—and really getting into the weeds, getting really granular but also thinking conceptually, and setting that intention. Putting out into the universe and articulating the plan and the path to get there is going to be really, really powerful. 

So I want to encourage everybody to do the same thing, even if it’s not two days. Start with two hours, see how that goes. See if that gives you enough time to get into this. Get away from your day to day so that you can really, really focus on what you want to achieve in your life and your business next year. But more importantly, over this next decade. 

Now is the time. Get serious. Set the intention, create the space in your life to do this, to do the planning. Because remember, 95% of people make a plan but never create a goal list. How are you going to get to a destination if you don’t have a map?

So let’s start with those foundational exercises and practices and then build from that. I love this time of year when everybody else is slowing down. I’m speeding up and getting ready for our best year yet in 2020 to really kick off this next decade where we’re going to have a ton of growth, legacy work, and contribution out in the world, which I’m super excited about. 

I hope you will take this seriously. Let’s plan our best year yet in 2020 and start the decade off right.


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