I want to talk about three lessons that 2020 taught us that can really help you in 2021. The first lesson is this. We really need to be kind, right to everybody, to our fellow citizen, to our friends, to people in need and to spread more kindness in the world. I think something that we may or may not all agree on, which is this, that we do need to create more kindness in the world.

We’ve experienced a year of extreme division, of extreme animosity, of extreme difference and of extreme hardship with this year of the pandemic. That’s now behind us, but we’re still not out of the woods. And what I’ve learned in a lesson that I’ve pulled from this past year is that we need to be really kind to everybody because the more kindness we put on in the world, the more kindness is returned to us in return.

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The second lesson that I think we all learned in 2020 that could really benefit us in this new year is that we need to be more grateful for the things that we do have in our life. Because what I’ve noticed in my life is that when I’m more grateful, when I push and spread more gratitude into the world, what happens: more of those things that I’m grateful for start to keep showing up in my life.

The lessons and abundance keeps growing

The things that I’m thankful and grateful for, tend to show up in greater magnitude. So what I’ve noticed is that while especially ambitious people, we’re always striving for more, the next thing, right? To grow and to create and to achieve and accomplish at higher levels. If we’re not grateful for what we have, it actually becomes harder to achieve those things, those higher levels. So let’s be grateful for the things that we do have, which for many of us it’s our health.

We were able to make it through this crazy year, even though there’s pandemics touched so many people. Many people that we know, friends and family. So gratitude, let’s put out more gratitude into the world. Let’s make it known. Let’s practice it in our daily habits, right? For me in the morning, I practice gratitude by writing the three things I’m most grateful for every day. I try to keep that front and center and it really helps me stay grounded and centered. And the third thing is we’ve realized from 2020, that time is perhaps one of, if not our greatest resources and assets.

We can’t waste time

My late father told me this quote that I really live by: “Don’t count time, make time count.”

He told me that when I was at my lowest point and I’ve really embraced it as a kind of a guiding light, a guiding Maxim, a guiding credo, if you will, on how to live life, which is let’s not stand still. Let’s not be idle. Let’s constantly be learning and growing and finding ways to elevate and grow our lives and help support, inspire others to grow their lives as well. Because at any point in any time, it might all be gone, right? Life is fragile. Life is short and we need to make the best of it. And that happens in the moments of life, right? The small things, the interactions, the relationships, the points of impact and leadership that we can have with others that need our help.

So the three lessons that I pull from 2020 that I think can help all of us have a better year here in 2021, collectively as a culture and as society.

  1. Kindness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Time.

Being more kind of putting out more kindness into the world, being more grateful for what we have in spreading gratitude and thankfulness. And seizing and embracing time as a finite resource that we can’t get back. So making the most out of our time each and every day.

Hopefully this helped you guys in some way. If it did leave me a comment or like, or share this with somebody. I’m super excited about 2021, I hope you are too. We’re coming out of the woods here with the pandemic. Vaccine is starting to roll out. The economy is starting to really recover and get into gear. The market’s at all time highs. We’re getting a change in administration, a new approach to things, no matter where you fall on the aisle, I think sometimes you need a reset and you need some newness and novelty. We’re getting all of that.

2021 is going to be a great year. I think it’s going to be one of the best years for a lot of people. And I hope it is for you as well. So try to take those lessons, the lessons that I shared today, kindness, gratitude and time from last year and take the lessons that you pulled from last year as well to make this year 2021, your best year ever. Thanks so much to your success, your happiness and your freedom as always. We’ll talk to you next week.

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