So today I wanted to talk about three ways that my health journey has really impacted my businesses and my career positively. My commitment to my health and wellness and the way I live my lifestyle have really moved the needle and again, positively impacted my businesses and my career. You know, when we talk about the world’s top performers, the most successful people, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, other professionals, oftentimes we think that the way they got there is through just sheer grit and working harder than everybody, right? And putting in hundred-hour weeks and just being a go-getter.

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But when we peel back the onion and dig a little bit deeper, in my experience interviewing, coaching, talking to people that are really at the top of their game and industry, what I’ve found is that the people that are the highest performers and the most successful are those that have found a way to balance life, right? A way to live personally that allows them to be more effective and more productive professionally.

They embrace and understand the idea of leverage particularly, and they start with really strong health practices, lifestyles, habits, and routines that support them being more effective as leaders in their professional work. Whether they’re running a business or are an executive or professional of some sort. 

Committing to nutrition and fitness

The first thing that’s really helped me be more effective as an entrepreneur and business owner of multiple seven-figure businesses is really having a commitment to my nutrition and my fitness. So I decided to become a pescatarian about two years ago, which means I don’t eat any meat other than a fish-based diet, a lot of greens, a lot of plants, salads, and fish and supplement that with protein so I make sure I get enough. That right there has allowed me to trim up, to be more focused and higher energy by being more mindful of what I put in my body. 

The second part of that is the exercise commitment or fitness, right? I truly feel that our health, as an individual, is dictated both by the inputs we put in that create the outputs, but also by the way that we exercise regularly. So for me, being in my mid-thirties, I’ve committed to this years ago and it’s now become a lifestyle and a habit. So running several times a week, a weight training program, although right now the current crisis is becoming an abbreviated one that’s more creative and focused at home with calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and a lot of cardio and high-intensity things that my trainers helped me with.

But those right there, nutrition and exercise have allowed me to become more focused, more energetic, and get better sleep. And as a result of all those things, it actually translates into me becoming and being a better leader at work and a more effective entrepreneur. I’m more productive with my time, more present, and showing up in a more engaged and intentional way. So that has been the number one needle mover. 

Commiting to a healthy, clean, and sober lifestyle

The second one is a commitment to a healthy, clean, and sober lifestyle. So again, I’m not preaching that you should stop indulging in a little bit of alcohol or you know, a cigar here or there, or whatever might be your fancy. But for me at least, over 10 years clean and sober now has allowed me to commit relentlessly to my vision to stay fully focused on my businesses and my goals and to really move the needle because I’m not distracted, I’m no longer pursuing a hedonistic lifestyle that I may have in college or high school. I’m focused on what’s important to me in life, which is creating impact, building culture teams and tribes, and really advancing and propelling my life vision and my mission here in this world.

Committing to personal habits and routines

The third habit in my health journey that’s really positively impacted my business is having a commitment to certain personal habits and routines. And by that I mean, particularly, meditating daily, having time to read, creating space in my life and my schedule and in my headspace for hobbies and activities that I enjoy, such as skiing in the winter, boating in the summer, hiking, exploring new countries and cultures. Again, right now that’s a little bit on pause. I’m spending time writing, journaling, publishing my second book, and reading the thoughts and the leadership of other people and authors.

These have been really, really helpful and impactful.

So those three things, changing my diet, my nutrition, and my exercise, living a clean and sober life, and then implementing certain positive habits and routines into my life. Those three things have made a massively positive impact on my businesses and on my effectiveness as a leader, an entrepreneur, and somebody who is responsible for other people like teammates, employees, independent contractors, and clients. Be mindful of these things: your lifestyle, the way in which you live, your health practices, and your health journey because how you live your personal life really dictates how you live your professional life and how you show up. It’s a direct correlation, connection, and reflection.

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