I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have—that we all have—to paint the blank canvas of our life as we see fit and realize our vision for our lives and dreams through purposeful action each and every day.

Today I thought it apropos to focus on a key component of whether or not we will actually make our massive vision for our ideal life a reality—or keep it just that, a vision and a dream. That key component is not the strategy or plan, or the action—all of which are critical to this system working.

It is the accountability framework you implement to underpin the entire structure that will determine if the vision actually becomes a reality over time.

We all know the value of accountability; we’ve discussed it in this section a few times. It is truly foundational for goal achievement. We learned a lot of different things from accountability, and I want to spend a few minutes focusing on accountability best practices and suggestions.

Accountability is best achieved through layers, in my opinion:

  • Superior or mentor
  • Lateral colleague
  • Friend
  • Family member

Leave the big picture goals and broken-down steps that it will take to get there to your mentor.

Leave the ONE thing that will over time create unstoppable inertia and momentum toward the vision for your accountability partner.

You’ll need to structure the relationship where you’re both helping hold the other person to account for their key action or habit, and doing so honestly and at times, with tough love.

Things to look for in a good partner:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Positively reinforces, but with tough love
  • Communicates clearly
  • Sets schedule, date and time to talk and includes how
  • Is able to identify the ONE thing—or the Key Metric

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“Certainly. I mean, unequivocally, there’s no question about it. Backup support and having a partner or having additional partners there is absolutely a better and more safe situation.” —Dave Byron

Key Insight

Accountability is truly foundational for goal achievement. We learned a lot of different things from accountability.

Tactical Tip

Who are some people who hold you accountable? What are ways you can improve the accountability? How can you help be accountable for others?

Day Check

How did you keep yourself accountable today? Who helped you stay accountable on your journey today?

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