I want to talk about something that’s really important, which is doing big tasks first. By that, I mean, we create a list. When we create our goals for the week and for the day more importantly, on a micro level. Oftentimes if you’re like me, you’ll have a long list. No matter what form, written checklists or on an app.

And for me, I like to get the list down as small as I can. So it’s a quantity over quality of execution on tasks sometimes. Meaning, I do the least important things first, just to feel a sense of accomplishment to get my list, to be shorter. To feel better about progress. However, unfortunately, that’s a false frame of mindset.

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Because think about it, we’re doing the things that are the least important and least impactful, that move the needle the least first. And we do this for our egos, for sense of accomplishment. So what I want to challenge you to do is tackle the big, important tasks first.

Tackle the most meaningful and important tasks first

Even if they take longer, even if they take more resources, even if they’re trying and frustrating, even if you have to segment different time blocks to execute and get these done. Tackle the most meaningful and important tasks first. The other thing we need to do is the bloat, if you will, of checklists and to do lists often does become daunting and becomes a little bit overwhelming.

So it discourages us from actually getting to the important tasks at hand. So I want to encourage you to not put a lot of things on there, meaning start the week off with three really big goals for your business and your life or your career, right, if you’re not a business owner. And also start with three big personal goals.

And then on a daily basis, you can make your goals more tactical. More steps that support the larger goal or accomplishment. So for instance, for me, i’m going through a sales course to improve the sales skills above myself and our sales team that we are building out here at our multimedia company. And one of the things I’m doing because there’s a lot of content is prioritizing two to three hours a day in the evening to really get through the content.

Finish the Course

So my big goal for the week is finish the course, right? That’s one of the big work goals, really that the most important one. And then the tactical goals each day are the two to three hour block, the “Week One” content, the action, and the resources. The things to actually support the larger goal accomplishment.

So that’s the message: focus on big tasks first. We want to clear the plate and the things that will move the needle and not get bogged down in the accomplishment and execution of the small stuff, just for ego and just to reduce our list. Hopefully that helped guys. If it did let me know, shoot me a comment, like this share with somebody that can also benefit from it and as always to your success, your happiness, your freedom, we’ll talk to you next week.

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