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I wanted to talk a little bit about something that has probably touched many of us in some way or fashion, which is the idea and the concept of addiction. Wherever you’re at, whether you see it more as an indulgence, or a bad habit, or an addiction, these are things that pull us away from our goals, values, and our mission in this life. It’s staggering when you look at the statistics out there on how many people are affected by this in all different realms and in all different capacities from drugs and alcohol, to video games and devices, to social media and television, to food and sex and pornography, you name it. We as a culture and society have grown increasingly addicted to various things.

And so we have to ask ourselves, “what can we do to live more intentionally and more in control?” How can we step into the driver’s seat of our lives and our habits and our health? I recently put together a free training with the three keys to breaking free from bad habits, indulgences, and addictions. It’s a little bit of a dive into some of the framework and the thought leadership in the new book that I just published, “Live Inspired.”

Those three keys are purpose, mindset, and energy.

These three concepts, when you understand and really master them, can help you get more intentional about living by design, ensuring you’re living healthier, more intentionally, and stepping into your potential. Pushing away from the draw, the pull, and the compulsion of some of these unhealthy habits that really hold us back from living a healthy and free life allows us to reach our fullest potential.

So the first one, purpose, is really important. We want to gain clarity around our purpose of life, right? What is our “why?” What are we excited about? What is our vision? We need to do this for a few reasons.

One is to get centered. This helps us decide why we’re going to work so hard. Why we’re going to sacrifice and become more disciplined. You know, what is going to pull us through the momentary and fleeting self-gratifying indulgences so that we can stay focused on our goals

How are we ever gonna actually make it through the challenging times without our purpose, our why, our vision? So there’s a series of questions that we really take people through to understand what their “why?” is, what their purpose is and to clearly define and articulate their vision. These questions are a part of our free training. Happy to provide them in the worksheet and just click the link below and you can get access to these.

Again, purpose is foundational. It’s step one. Then we’re going to focus on mindset.

I’m a firm believer that when you commit relentlessly to your vision, you’re a little bit flexible on your means, and you persevere through any obstacles and challenges that life throws at you, you can really develop a rock-solid mindset for achievement and fulfillment.

Mindset is everything. How you approach situations and challenges will dictate your outcome.

And the third is energy. How do we cultivate and sustain a high level of energy that will propel us through the day, through our life, through the challenges, and allow us to really break free? And to step into this.

If you want a little bit of a deeper dive on the frameworks and some of the concepts, try our free training.


If you are looking to make 2020 your best year yet, you really want to live more intentionally and mindfully, you want to achieve new levels of success in your career or improve your relationships, create new routines and habits that support your success and your vision, I really hope you’ll try out my book.

Please reach out so that I can support you in your journey in any way I can. If you do get the book and do support our launch and you’re getting value from it, let us know how you’re doing. Let us know how it’s impacted you.

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