I entered a new year recently with a nasty viral illness. It took me out of commission. My body was totally floored and bedridden just as I was ready, amped and fired-up to hit the ground running to begin the new year.

I learned a lot from this sickness and from the reasons why I got sick. I was vulnerable to external forces because my immune system was at a reduced state of operation. There wasn’t enough consistent good sleep and my diet had been neglected—as my doctor pointed out.

A few weeks later, I was at a meeting with a lady who told me she had advanced-stage cancer that had spread throughout her body.

She sat there and warned us about the dangers of eating processed food—and what it did to her and how she was facing a terminal illness.

We went into the details of how this happened—how her doctors had explained the carcinogens in the world, and the exposure she had to them. She warned us to watch what we eat and only eat a healthy, organic, plant-based diet to live a long life.

This scared me. Hugely.

I had also watched a documentary on this very subject. The food industry in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry, with entrenched interests from fertilizer and seed companies to drug and livestock treatments.

It is influenced by multinational companies that sell the end product to fast food companies, processed meat companies—you name it.

We’re really facing an epidemic, and we are not even fully aware of it. I’m not bringing this up to scare or frighten you.

It shook me to my core and made me realize how important it is in life to control the things I can—my diet, my fitness, my mindset and my surroundings. After all, there is so much we cannot control in the world.

So, I went on a cleanse and a vegan challenge for a month. I modified it and have been following a strict pescatarian diet since, and have never felt and been healthier. I want to encourage and suggest that you give it a try yourself.

It won’t be easy, but it will be liberating.

If I want to continue producing at the level I am now for all of my life, I know I need to be healthy and live a long life to make my massive vision a reality.

It’s important maintain peak health throughout our lives in order to live our dreams and provide what we want for our families and those around us.

Getting sick as I turned the corner that year took a lot out of me. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I cannot get anything done and be my productive self if I am not healthy first.

It was hugely frustrating, as I had a lot of work and goals I wanted to work on in the new year—but couldn’t.

My doctor said not getting the proper sleep and being stressed was likely the reason my immune system was down. I had gotten sick three times in the last three months. I had lost almost three weeks!!


I want to encourage you to make nutrition, fitness, sleep, meditation and life balance a huge priority. If you don’t address these areas of life and make them your top priorities, the rest means nothing.

Make your health a major priority for you today!

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“Investing in our health is the biggest investment we will ever make.” —Ellie Savoy

Key Insight

It’s important to find and maintain peak health throughout our lives in order to live our dreams and provide what we want for our families and those around us.

Tactical Tip

Think about your daily health habits. Ask yourself, do you sleep enough, do you eat more non-processed food than processed? Do you drink the required water amount, do you exercise daily? These are all important things that keep you healthy and fit to reach your goals. What healthy habits are you going to create to kickstart your health?

Day Check

What habits did you notice today that are unhealthy and healthy? What will you do differently tomorrow?

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