In my years in the real estate industry, I have gone from agent to investor, developer, broker, and teacher and mentor. 

When I began investing in real estate, I put a lot of time and energy into it but I still didn’t have the confidence or the success to call myself a true real estate investor. 

That is, until I really took it seriously, committed to my goals and my vision, and enrolled in the world’s premier graduate-level masters program for real estate finance and investment at New York University.

If you are looking to create passive income and legacy wealth through investing in real estate, if you are looking to build the required skills and confidence to be able to invest confidently, safely and successfully, if you’re looking for the mentorship and support to enter an area with unlimited opportunity, then the Sophisticated Investor Mastermind might be for you.

Create long-term generational wealth that will benefit your family for generations to come by building a portfolio of passive income streams. Ready?

The problem I hear most often from folks looking to create financial independence through real estate investment is that they would like to build more income, particularly passive income streams, but that they don’t know how to do it reliably, safely, and successfully.

What often happens is that people end up investing in the wrong things, losing money and assuming unnecessary levels of risk. This causes both financial losses as well as the loss of confidence that they can do this successfully and effectively on their own. They start to think that maybe they should just stick to their day job, blindly turn their money over to their financial planner, and be comfortable and content with mediocre, low-single-digit annual returns.

This is not unique. In fact, most amateur and semi-skilled real estate investors are fundamentally lacking in all of these areas. They might try to dabble in investing passively but they don’t have a solid strategy, expert mentorship and support, or a network and community to help facilitate their goals of being a successful real estate investor.

They start to think maybe real estate investing is not for them, maybe it really does take a full-time professional to do this successfully. They would need to quit their day job and career to do this effectively, they often think incorrectly.

So what I’ve developed is a proven process to building systematic wealth and freedom through investing in real estate. I have combined my years and experience in the industry to create a world-class platform and program to teach the exact blueprint and system I developed and implemented.

Whether you’re interested in commercial, hospitality, or residential investments, if you want to take your income, wealth, freedom, and your future to a whole new level, let’s chat. 

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