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I hope that you’re doing well and staying healthy and intentional and safe in this really unprecedented time.

So how do we create certainty and growth in a time of uncertainty and contraction? It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole. It’s easy to be driven by fear, right? And anxiety and stress.

In terms of how we react and respond to this really uncharted time, there are two types of people. One is someone who shirks their responsibilities. We can choose to kind of cower in the face of this fear and in the unknown. We can choose to do less. We can choose to spend our time unproductively, right? Just watching movies and TV.

The other type of people right now are the leaders.

We can choose today to seize this time to grow and to equip ourselves with new skills, right? We can choose to step up and be the leaders that our family members, our children, our siblings, our parents need. Our community needs. The leaders that our colleagues, our clients, the people we work with depend on us for, right?

We can choose to step up and be thought leaders, confidence leaders, and people that others in this time of change and attorney can look to for strength, right? A beacon of strength, if you will.

Let’s choose to be leaders. And let’s choose to grow, to develop that growth mindset, and to seize this time. Take that course you’ve been thinking about. Brush up on your skills, or develop a new skill. Connect with people you haven’t talked to in some time, whether it be a family member, a friend, colleague, et cetera.

Let’s find ways to get creative about what we put into our bodies and into our minds. There’s a lot that we can’t control right now, but there’s a couple of things that we can. And it’s how we respond, our attitude and our mindset in this time of crisis.

I’m going to create a lot of new content in the coming days. I want to equip and inspire and mobilize you guys to take action and to be leaders in your household, in your workplace or virtual workplace, in your community, and at home. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay intentional.


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