I want to ask you a question, challenge you to answer this honestly, and openly. Did you accomplish your goals today?

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And if not, why and what are you going to do about it? Specifically, I want to talk about kind of the science and the strategy behind goal setting and goal achievement. You know, a lot of people don’t put as much thought and weight into the actual framework of creating goals. And then supporting those with a really strong system, plan and strategy for achievement. Because goal setting is one part art, thinking deeply about what’s important to us in our career and our business and our life.

But the next part is the science of achievement, the science of accomplishment. Which is one that’s rooted in being resourceful in marshaling the right resources, people, capital ideas that you’ll need to accomplish that goal. It’s part time management and managing the timeline to accomplishment. The different components and pieces, how they all interplay.

It is part action, discipline and commitment

Unless we put in the work, showing up and doing what we need to do each day, we’re not going to be able to achieve those goals. Especially the ones that take a lot of work, input and resources over a sustained amount of time. So, for me personally, I want to give you a little bit of a story here. What I tend to do is goal setting for me is done on a quarterly basis. I use a system called the 12 week year. It is a great book, awesome system and piece of software, highly recommend if you haven’t checked it out.

And what it does is break down goal, setting, big goal setting in my businesses, career and life. Avoid doing big new year’s resolutions, and goals for 2021, it’s too far out, it’s not as finite. It’s too distant. There’s not enough check in and writing the ship.

I’ve found that breaking it down into four goal setting sessions quarterly is really helpful

Now once they create those key goals, which again are usually 1 to 3 big projects in any one of my businesses and then 2 to 3 personal goals every 12 weeks. Once I break those down and achieve clarity around those, then I start to build out what is the monthly, weekly and daily plan of action that I need to make sure is happening in order to achieve those goals at the end of 12 weeks? Because we have to break it down.

We have to create actionable bite sized chunks of work and output that needs to be accomplished. We don’t want to get to the end and we got two days to accomplish this massive project. We’re simply going to fall flat. We’re not going to achieve it. We don’t want to do that. That is destructive for a number of reasons, including hurting our confidence for our next round of goal setting.

Break up the goals, create meaningful space and realistic timelines and break it down by the different components, pieces, resources. And when along the timeline of achievement, these things need to be actuated. These things need to be implemented, these things need to be achieved to get to that final destination. Really, really big. Also when we don’t achieve our goals, whether it be on a daily goad achievement basis, I usually create two to three big things I need to achieve that day.

Don’t take on 10 or 20 because you’ll get only 3 or 5 done, then you’ll be discouraged. It’ll hurt your mindset, your confidence for your next day’s goal setting. Choose 2 to 4 at most things that you need to get done the day and work on developing the muscle of achievement. Which is this idea of simply getting some small wins, you know, maybe even just start with one thing, one significant thing each day you accomplish do that for a week. See how it makes you feel, then add another thing each day. Remember give yourself time. Be patient in the process and realize that we’re not going to achieve our goals every day, week, month or quarter of a year.

The important lesson in that is understanding that that’s okay

And it shouldn’t affect our confidence and our resolve to continue to set big ambitious and audacious goals. Because that is what really moves the needle. That is what elevates us in our life and our business. That is what creates this idea of kind of systematic elevation, constantly raising the bar. You’ve probably heard that notion of, you know, dreaming and setting goals that are 10x, what you normally would.

And it’s fine if you don’t achieve a 10x goal and you achieve a 3x. Financially or qualitatively, because that’s still three times where you were, when you started. Massive progress, massive achievement, that’s a win in my opinion. Be patient in the process set ambitious, but still realistic goals, reevaluate them regularly time, walk them down. Make sure that you create a strong strategy and plan that will underpin with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly action so that you can achieve those goals really, really important.

So hopefully you got some value from this. Again, some thoughts and insights on goal setting and achieving what you set out to do and your career, your business, your life. Drop me a comment, send this and share it with somebody who could also benefit from this. And we’ll talk to you next week again, to your success, your freedom and your happiness has always love to connect. Thanks for being here.

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