You know, we just started the fourth quarter, which is hard to believe this has been a, such a tumultuous bizarre year of disruption and change and upheaval and chaos of this years goals.

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So I want to inspire you today and challenge you to make the next three months, this next quarter, your best yet this year to really end this year off strong. So a few things that I’m doing and working on with our clients here are really focusing our energies toward a few of the most important things. The most important projects professionally, and one or two really important personal goals that we want to make sure we achieve over these next three months to end this year off on a really strong note.

I want to encourage you to take some time, think about what these might be for you choose just to remember with goal setting. We don’t want to get too ambitious because then what happens is our attention and resources get spread thin and broad, but not very deeply. We don’t end up achieving the most important things. The things that really move the needle in our businesses and our careers and in our lives. So choose two really critical professional goals.

If you’re a business owner, could be a project, the launch of a new website, something really meaningful that will help set you up for success next year and beyond. Then I want you to take some time and creatively think about two things that would really change and improve your life personally. That could be a fitness goal, a wellness goal of some sort.

Achieve clarity around goals with a level of specificity, not simply just throwing out vaguely I want to lose weight. Or, you know, I want to save more. We need definiteness. We need a level of precision in goal setting in order to accomplish these things. So with those two examples, it might be something like this. I want to lose 10 pounds and gain 5 pounds of muscle in the next three months. Or for saving: I want to save $10,000 to pay down some debt or to invest in a rental property.

Create a level of specificity and definiteness to your goals

Really, really helps you. It’s shown in several studies to allow for a better likelihood of achieving those goals. Take some time and creatively come up with two needle movers in your business, career and your personal life.

Get inspired to grow

Then we want to shift over and make sure that we have a strong commitment to those. That’s not simply material or one rooted only in ambition because we can get inspired to change. We can get inspired to grow. We can get inspired to achieve, but in order to stay committed to achievement, we need to have a very strong why and a commitment emotionally to those goals.

So personally like that example, if we lose more weight, what is that going to do for us? It’s going to help us probably feel better. Show up better in our relationships in our family. It’s going to help us live longer, be healthier. Our “why” to want to be healthier to show up more fully in life is strong.

And especially if you connect it with being there more for your kids or your significant other, your family. And the financial one that could be very fundamental too. I want to get out of debt. So I don’t feel constricted anymore. I can do the things to grow and build wealth, income, freedom, and something for my retirement. Remember, connect it to a strong “why’ bigger than you and yourself and emotionalize it, make it emotional. That will allow you to continue that level of energy and commitment to achievement of these goals rather than just get deterred and give up like a lot of people do. So I hope this is helpful. I hope this inspires you to think big about the fourth quarter here in the craziest year of our lives.

Define a strong “why” and emotional connection to your goals

Hopefully a once in a generation event, a pandemic that has changed all facets of the way we live and work. So take some time set these goals out, attach and define a strong “why” and emotional reason why they’re important. Two goals professionally, two goals personally that are big needle movers that are really going to change things in your life. Commit to take massive action each day. Watch these start to manifest and coalescing come into being into fruition into reality.

Thanks for being with me again to your success, your freedom and your happiness. Hopefully you have some time to relax this week to do the things that you love for me. That’s being up here in the mountains. It’s being by water and that’s taking some time for myself too. So again, we’ll talk to you soon, share this with somebody who could hear and really benefit from the message. Leave me a comment or like, talk to you soon.

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