It’s important to be vulnerable at times. In fact, in certain situations it can be powerful.

The definition of vulnerability is this:

Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. It can also mean susceptible to judgment or negative outcomes.

Vulnerability is a difficult concept for many people. By being vulnerable, we open ourselves up to emotional trauma, unrealized expectations, judgment and rejection.

Being honest and transparent with sharing thoughts, experiences, or ideas with others requires courage and honesty—and there is a risk.

You can only make meaningful connections by opening yourself up, being vulnerable and exposing things about yourself to others. This is what creates trust and deep connections.

I have found, through my experiences, five key ways in which vulnerability can increase your happiness and success:

  1. Create meaningful relationships
    With relationships, there’s no substitute for self-expression. Expressing yourself lets people know who you are and your character traits. The higher vulnerability you show, the greater risk you take, but also the greater chance you have to connect with someone.
  2. Be open to constructive criticism
    Learning how to take constructive criticism is a huge talent and skill. It takes practice and courage. I’m not great at it, to be honest. I want to be accepted, liked and know I have performed my best.

Vulnerability allows you the opportunity to grow in a way that constantly being closed off does not.

Realizing we may not be right nor have the best idea is a learning moment for growth—if we are open to it.

  1. Share new ideas and thoughts
    When you open yourself up, not everyone will agree nor appreciate it. You risk judgment, rejection and emotional pain.
    But this is where breakthroughs and connections happen.
  2. Be creative
    Putting yourself, your work and your art out there takes courage. But what results can come of it? Exposure, acclaim and success. Are you ready to take the risk to achieve the reward and the greatness that can come from true creativity and to share this with the world?
  3. Show strength
    Being able to reveal both positive and negative parts about yourself is a demonstration of strength.
    The more vulnerable you make yourself, the greater the risk you’re taking, but greater are the rewards that can be reaped.
    On the other hand, if you don’t reveal much, but remain invulnerable, you’re not going to get a lot in the way of rewards.
    All of growth lies on the other side of fear.

In order to face our fears, we must be vulnerable.

I have found this through my experiences in life and have chosen to embrace the power of vulnerability.

What will you do today to embrace your own powerful vulnerability?

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“To share your weaknesses is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” —Criss Jami

Key Insight

Vulnerability is a powerful concept and practice. It can help you move from areas of comfort and quietude to areas of discomfort, discovery and growth.

Tactical Tip

The first step of being vulnerable with others is being vulnerable with yourself. Are there places where you may be holding back from being candid with yourself about you?

Day Check

Did you make a deeper connection with someone today by being vulnerable and open? How did it feel?

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