So I want to share a quick message here with all of you. Happy World Entrepreneurs’ Day! I didn’t even know this existed, but I want to take a moment to recognize all the entrepreneurs, real estate agents, investors, independent contractors, salespeople, and people that work independently. We often are compensated based on performance in the form of commissions, profits, or other forms of performance-based pay. There are so many risks associated with pursuing your dreams, building your vision, and companies that I wanted to give everyone some recognition and acknowledgment because doing this is not easy. What we do is not for everybody. The risks that we take, the sacrifices that we make, and the things that we put on the line to pursue our dreams and our vision are pretty special.

This is significant. So I want to congratulate anyone who is currently doing this or has done so in the past. I want to encourage you to pause, take some time, and to reflect and be appreciative of your process and journey. The fact that you’re willing to take a risk to achieve your goals and understanding that nothing happens quickly. Nothing happens overnight. The fact that when we put in the work, make sacrifices, and lead with purpose and vision to pursue our dreams, great things can happen. So that’s the message for today. Happy World Entrepreneurs’ Day to all of my entrepreneurial friends out there, all of the agents, investors, real estate professionals, and other people that are running independent businesses. Take a moment to acknowledge your work, embrace the process, and enjoy the journey. Thanks, guys. Have a great day!

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