I want to talk to you a little bit about how meditation has really made me a better entrepreneur and a better person.

Meditation into my daily habits for quite some time, actually several years. To varying levels of success. First and foremost, I’ve never really committed and leaned into a formal technique or discipline.

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And I usually meditate three to four times a week, so not even daily. But recently I enrolled in a training and ancient technique called “transcendental meditation.” It’s something thats been around one way, shape or form for thousands of years, and really has picked up popularity since the 1950s and 1960s by a guy named Maharishi Mahesh.

And it’s super transformational for these reasons. I’ve only been doing it for about three weeks now, but already I’ve seen really positive benefits in my ability to calm down, to center myself, to be gained a point from which I can just turn my thoughts inward and really let go of certain judgments, feelings and thoughts and stressors and anxiety from the day.

Lower heart rate

My breathing rate, it’s helped me to get better in tune with myself, things that are bothering me that might come to the surface through looking inward and slowing down. For me I’ve had trouble sometimes growing up in doing just that slowing down.

I’m always on the move, always going to my businesses, I’m always working on the next project. I’m always trying to, you know, move the needle and advance things. And I don’t take a lot of time to just rest and be still. But this technique after reading about it, hearing a friend speak very positively about it and seeing the amount of people, business leaders, athletes, performers, executives, entrepreneurs, use this way of meditating and finding mindfulness and stillness. It really got me excited. So I signed up, under went four days of personalized instruction and it now requires, which I love, two meditations a day for 20 minutes each. One in the morning, one in the late afternoon or evening.

Being Less Reactionary

I found myself being more at peace with the things that happen around me that I have no control over. I found myself more collected in thought and clarity and purpose. I found my, and I track this: with the loop. You can also do it with the ora, I track my heart rate and heart rate variability. I found positive actual physiological benefits to this as well. My sleep has improved, my focus has improved and my energy is approved all in less than a month. So pretty awesome. It’s really helping me become a better entrepreneur and better person.

So if you’re not meditating, try it, check it out. I highly recommend transcendental meditation. It’s really been a game changer for me in just a short amount of time and it can be for you too potentially as well. So that’s my message.

So hopefully this has helped in some way, shape or form, if so drop me a comment, a like, and share this with somebody else who could benefit from it. And it’s always to your success, your happiness and your freedom. I’ll talk to you soon.

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