What I want to talk about is how you can bio-hack yourself to your best version of yourself. And to really have the best year that you can have.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, I believe was actually coined the pioneer by Dave Asprey. Who’s an awesome New York times, best selling author. He’s written things like, superhuman and headstrong and a bunch of other great, great books on the idea of bio-hacking, which is this.

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Optimizing your biology, physiology, cognitive abilities, to really perform at your highest level as a person and as a professional. And I’ve really tried to educate myself more because it’s a massive field, super vast with what it really means to do that.

Different areas of this field of bio-hacking

How do we maximize our energy? How do we improve our focus? How do we really create, a better physique. How do we perform better at work and in life? How do we optimize our fitness routines and our nutrition. The things we’re putting into our body, that directly impact and dictate what we put out. The outputs of our work and of ourselves right into the world.

And for me, I needed to invest in a lot of books first. The next was listen to a lot of really good podcasts on this. I’d strongly recommend listening to people like Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof brand. We’ll have the whole Bulletproof coffee concept. So that’s really valuable. A lot of his books are great, little technical, but really good.

Second is a guy named Cary Jack, a friend of mine who’s really helped me put together a game plan now to really take my life to new levels, to do that here in 2021, as we start the year off. We just finished a comprehensive game plan over 50 pages that addresses every area, the 10 major areas of my life in ways in which I can level up, take things to another level of consciousness and performance.

I’m excited to do that. So ways in which you can do this is again like we always educated and train on is one knowledge and education. We need to surround ourselves with the right ideas to first understand what it really means to bio-hack your life. What that really means the different areas. The discipline as a whole, that can be done through books, podcasts, groups, and just being out there doing some research.

Second is being really intentional about what you want from that. So, you know, I’m not doing because it’s trying to cool I’m doing it because I literally want to find an edge. I’m always trying to find a new way to perform better, to achieve better results, to what I call systematically elevate my performance and my results in life and career.

I have to find ways to innovate, to catch that edge.

So I’m trying to do that because I’ve realized I’m a little plateaued on some of my fitness and some of my other routines. And I want to innovate a bit, I want to find some novelty, some new practices, especially with supplements. Again, my nutrition, different things like that. This is really helping me. And it’s so through being diligent again about what I’m putting into my body.

Things that are proven through tests and studies to scientifically have a positive impact on my state of mind, on my energy level, on my ability to think and focus clearly and be productive and present in my life and in my businesses. So I’m really excited to do that. We’re doing this again in major areas, from spirituality to nutrition, to fitness, to purpose, financial, right relationships, all these different things that we’re intentionally putting in place a plan.

And it’s going to take, you know, a couple of hours a day to commit to this and the routines and health habits that I think will really, really help me. And that’s why I’m willing to make that sacrifice, to get up a little earlier, to stop work a little earlier and to enjoy life, but also perform at my highest level and achieve my true capability. It’s a constant evolution. We should be constantly challenging ourselves, growing, finding new ways to elevate and perform better.

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