Hey guys, Keir here coming to with our weekly message, where I want to talk about how you can raise your productivity by simply getting back to work and life.

And when I say back, I mean, getting back to a new normal, this new post COVID lockdown world that we’re all trying to adjust to. But there is a level of normalcy. There is something to expect and look forward to that has assemblance of at least what life was prior to this whole pandemic.

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So I’m really excited personally, because we’re getting our teams back into the office very soon. We’re taking out new office space. We’re talking about ways to go from remote back into a hybrid model of entry back into the office.

And I think what’s exciting about that, most for a lot of people, especially ambitious people is the interaction, the face-to-face, the collaboration, the creativity, the things that you can accomplish together. It’s really difficult, even with the best technology and the best zoom and camera tech that we have now for meetings remotely, it’s still not the same.

So I’m really excited about that and why I think we can increase our productivity by simply getting back to the office and getting back into life. It’s going to allow us to be more intentional about the communication, the project collaboration, the work we do together.


And I think togetherness that we’ve been lacking in over this last year, that I think a lot of teams, employees and people have missed and have not had. You know, it’s really hard to be able to create and foster that environment, that culture, when you’re doing it through a screen to build that rapport, that trust that camaraderie and to really enhance the output that teams create together.

It’s that thing that’s hard to define the synergistic element, that thing, which it’s really difficult to put words to and to fully define. But when you bring teams together, when you bring talented people together, that’s what happens, right? It’s that idea that the sum of the parts is greater than the individual components.

And I think that’s been hard to achieve when we’ve been doing world and business and life remote over the last year. So I’m really excited about getting back into the office. I’m also excited about what that’s going to lead to.

Meaning how are things going to change about how we do work and live now that we’re starting to get back to a hybrid and then eventually, back-in-office fully. Now a lot of companies and a lot of organizations are saying that you can work remote indefinitely, especially a lot of the tech companies. But I think a lot of leaders and managers are really yearning and really hoping and striving and putting plans into place now to get their employees back into the office.

And I think this is good because I think sometimes we get a little complacent. I think sometimes we don’t get as motivated. I think sometimes we don’t necessarily have the output and the productivity, again, this varies by individual, but I think as a whole, it’s hard to have that when we’re working from home.

Because there’s something to be said for getting up, having your personal routine and then going to the office, then putting the work hat on, you know, focusing in that channel, that silo, that lane.

And then at the end of the day, you know, kind of leaving some of that behind. The lows and as an entrepreneur or business owner you probably know if you are one, you never really leave it behind. You don’t just turn off at five. I’m constantly working or thinking about work in some capacity really throughout the day, every day in almost every hour.

But I’ve done a better job at turning off a little bit here and there taking some time. But that’s what I want to share with you. I’m excited to get back in the office. I’m excited to get my teams back together. I’m excited about what that energy, that connectedness and that collaboration is going to lead to probably some great breakthrough, some creative projects and other things. And I hope you are too. So those are some ways that we’re focused on raising our productivity, by just getting back to work and life as we once knew it.

So as always, to your success, your happiness and your freedom, stay safe, stay healthy. Hopefully your transition back into office life is going to go smoothly and will help foster and support your productivity, your results, your effectiveness as a colleague, as a team member and as a leader in your own, right. We’ll talk to you soon.

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