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I’m happy to share, that after an intensive week of 12 to 13 hour days, I’m officially now a Certified High-Performance Coach under Brendon Burchard’s curriculum. 

His process helps people to achieve some amazing results in their personal and professional lives.

We trained with him through a tried and tested, academically-robust curriculum to address 12 main areas of people’s lives, from energy in psychology to physiology and influence, to purpose and vision, to all the other areas that really go into living a really, really amazing life.

A high performer is somebody who shows up with vigor and lives in purpose and really can deliver at their highest level. Who can reach their potential and fulfill their mission both personally — in their relationships with their family — and professionally, with their teams, with their colleagues, the people that they support, and that support them.

I decided to sign up for this course and make a significant investment in money and in time at the last minute because I knew it would help level up my game and my ability to serve my students and clients and our multimedia company at a higher level. And to allow us to offer something new and exciting and supportive of our overall vision and what we’re trying to do in the world.

It’s is also right in line with what I’ve worked on for four years, which is my graduate school degree and I’m happy to report that I graduate in less than a month from NYU with my master’s.

So my message for you is to always be looking for ways to continue your education, to continue refining and building your skills, and to step into new areas that might be uncomfortable or a little bit foreign to you.

Do those things. Take those risks. 

Find ways to push the envelope and don’t be afraid to do things that take time, money, a belief in yourself because that’s what helps you cut an edge, rise above and continue to elevate and grow. 

Never stop investing in yourself, your education, and your growth. Make it a priority and don’t be afraid to do scary things that require real commitment, because the rewards are pretty significant.


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