One of the most influential books in the self-help and self-improvement space, which I have found immense value from, and I highly recommend reading is from Award Winning, New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield. He was the co-creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul and wrote one of the best collections for this space. He takes all of his warnings, teachings, and things that he’s come across in his 40 years in this business and distilled them into about 60 distinct success principles. It is an amazing book. Make sure you get the most recent addition.

Instill 4 New Success Habits a Year

Imagine if you instilled four new success habits per year in your life. If you instill these into your daily routine imagine what that’s going to do. The compound effect over the next two, three, five, ten years, or a lifetime. It’s going to have a dramatic, compound effect. So you may ask what is a success habit?

A success habit could be something simple like changing your diet, not eating as much sugar, carbs, or fatty foods. It could be something like working out three to five times a week or committing to getting up earlier. Having a strong morning routine. The list goes on. My morning routine is something that’s critical and centers me for the day so that I can win the morning and win the day. Another success habit could be a strong evening routine. Making sure that you’re shutting off from work, spending enough time on personal projects, or with your family so that you can end the day, plan for the next, and recharge. This allows your unconscious subconscious faculties to work towards achieving your goals and vision for the next day. You will wake up refreshed and ready to hit the ground running, Another success habit could be choosing to take ownership and management over your finances in a more deliberate and intentional way.

What Would You Change to Become More Successful?

A very important habit is choosing to save 10% of your income. Being more proactive about investing in your future. Whether that be in your kids’ education fund, creating passive income streams, or building an investment fund. Whatever it may be, these are all great examples of success habits. Habits of those who are successful in mind, body, spirit, health, and practice. So take a few minutes and think about what some of these success habits look like for you. What are things that you would like to change to become more successful? How can you implement these into your life and start to experience dramatic results? These will compound over time. Think about that. Think of how many amazing new habits and disciplines you’re going to build over just the next five years.

This concept is very powerful when you commit to it. So again, make sure you get a copy of the book, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. It’s available on Kindle, hardcover, paperback or audible, which is what I’m listening to right now as I drive a lot. This is a very effective and amazing book about 65 distinct success principles.

Thanks guys, have a great week and we’ll talk more soon!

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