So today for this tactical Tuesday I want to share a simple exercise that has been made into a game that will help keep you healthy, happy, and on the right track to achieve your goals. I want to give proper attribution and credit to a friend and colleague of mine in one of my other businesses named Jay, who shared this with me at our business planning retreat last week.

So This is appropriately entitled Jay’s eponymous formula for success. And it goes like this.

This list of simple health habits can help you feel better, be healthier, be happier, and achieve your goals in other areas of your life. Sometimes it’s hard to keep routines, so making a simple game out of it can help you check things off and stay on track. So the following is a success planner for Daily Success. Here’s the scorecard.

Doing your affirmations whether they be vocal out loud as they generally are performed or written, you will get 20 total points. Next, drinking ten 8 oz. glasses of water per day will give you a total of 20 total points (and possibly a handful of trips to the restroom). Next, exercise and sweating for at least 30 minutes per day will give you 20 points. Then, not complaining at all about anything for the entire day will give you 15 points. The simple act of smiling at three people or more each day will give you 10 points. Scheduling activities for tomorrow today, meeting success comes from planning tomorrow today. Doing this daily will give you another 10 points. Taking your daily vitamins each day will give you five points.

So there’s a total of 100 possible points here.

Scoring a total of…

  • 90- 100 Exceptional
  • 80- 89 Way to go
  • 70- 79 Almost there
  • 60- 69 You can do it
  • Less than 60 Poor/Get back on track!

It is virtually impossible to not accomplish your goals/affirmations if you score 90+ points each day. So give this a try and see how small habits and healthy behaviors can be made fun, and into a game to stay on track and build consistency.

Have an awesome, healthy, and mindful day everyone. Let’s GO.

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