As we bring in the new year, I hope everybody’s had a great holiday and is getting revved up to start the new year off on a strong note. Today, let’s send-off 2018 and start an entirely new year. This is your motivator. This is the pep rally to make sure that you start this next year with the enthusiasm, purpose, intention, and resolve that is necessary and required to make 2019 your best year ever…in every area and in every sense in your life!

Let’s Go 2019!

Have you taken stock of how amazing your 2018 was? Have you looked at all of the achievements and impact, the abundance, the wealth, and the value that you created this past year?


Now is the time to do that if you haven’t and if you have…do it again.


You want to know why… because now is the time to celebrate.  We need to celebrate every bit of the work we’ve done because you put in the time the effort and the dedication to make sure that your goals were achieved and that you moved closer to your vision for your ideal life and dreams. How often do we go through life constantly focused on the destination and the goals without celebrating the process and the small victories?


The small daily habits and actions that we take such as being on my 5am call every morning. You see these small things build into larger habits which spill into bigger shifts in mindset. These small things then create momentum and inertia, which creates Massive Action. These small things which compound over time and start to move the needle. These small things then create other collateral opportunities. These small things create an entire current that starts to flow and evolve and grow into an Unstoppable wave barreling toward the future.


Let’s make sure we celebrate today. Let’s celebrate this year’s end. Let’s celebrate what we have to be grateful for right now. Our health, our wealth, our family and friends, our relationships, the abundance we’ve created, where we’re going, where we’ve come from, who’s with us, and who’s not. We are here to celebrate and we are here to realize our dreams.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we live in a time and age unlike any other. The access we have to resources, distributed exposure channels, capital, relationships, investors, and business opportunities is unlike that of any other time in the history of mankind. There’s never been a better time to build a business, to start something new, to grow a brand, than right now… today. This moment.


What are you doing to realize your dreams now, today, and tomorrow?


Let’s go out there and take that business plan that you made for next year and tear it up. Let’s go out there this week and Let’s 10x that business plan. Let’s start to expand it out from your core business to other areas as well. Let’s start being prepared and being ready with capital on call…and let’s start to be proactive as we head into an increasingly uncertain market and time both economically and politically.


Let’s be armed so that we can fight against the current of uncertain market reactions and be the one strong swimmer against the current, seeking and seizing opportunities.


We need to start thinking bigger and have a grander vision. Give ourselves a chance to outshine and outperform even our own expectations for our self. That’s why we need to 10x everything in our life. I’m a firm believer in this, and it’s not about actually multiplying your business or your goals by exactly 10 times, it’s the exercise of thinking that way, expanding your universe, your framework of thought and realization, so that if you had a 2x or 3x improvement, that’s massive change! That’s massive growth that compounds over into the next year and the next and before you know it you’ve created a tsunami! A wave of momentum and inertia toward your goals and your vision.


I couldn’t be more excited and pumped for this next year, by what’s on the doorstep staring me in the face through the eyes of opportunity and how ready, willing, open and excited I am to seize every bit of it…to keep pushing the envelope, to keep expanding my vision, to keep stretching my ambition and impact.


I want all of you to come with me on this journey, let’s do this together. No excuses no apologies no explanations for why we need to think this Big and why we are expanding out our vision for a massive life of contribution achievement and Impact, let’s get ready…let’s make today, this moment count! Let’s get ready for the best year of our lives in 2019 and commit to making sure that happens. Who’s with me?? Let’s get excited! Let’s get revved up and let’s turn the corner on 2018 and let’s blow it out of the water in 2019!!  Who is with me? Comment YES below!


Let’s Go 2019!

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