Hey everybody, day one here at Brendon Buchard’s influencer event down in San Diego at the Marriott Marquis. The reason I am here is I’m looking to grow and scale my message, my personal brand, my ability to reach more people, to have a greater impact, and to help improve the lives of others. I am very passionate about this in my life right now. The reason I come to these events is to be around people who are already successfully doing this and are further along the path than I am. These people have been there and gone through the ups and downs. They’ve also built massive platforms and have influence in their space and in this world. 

These events are so remarkable because there’s a lot we can learn from the people we meet here. I want to come back and share all that I’ve learned with you so that you can get the same value, some key takeaways, and implement these into building your own personal brand, whether in real estate, life, or anything you choose to pursue.

I am super excited to get into the first morning. We had two amazing speakers already, Lewis Howes and Rachel Hollis. Both of them are New York Times best-selling authors who are truly inspirational in their craft. I have followed Lewis for several years, his podcast called the School of Greatness is phenomenal. I listen to it all the time. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do so. It is awesome. Rachel Hollis has written several books that have reached millions of people, one of them titled Girl, Wash Your Face. I am going to continue to check in throughout this event and do a debrief on some of the key takeaways at the end of it. It goes until the end of Saturday and then I am flying back to New York.

Stay tuned, stay positive, stay inspired, and we’ll talk to you all soon!

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