I want to talk about making gratitude the emotion that we feel through our body and making good deeds, good acts, service, the behavior.

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I think a lot of us, myself included sometimes lose sight of all that we have to be fortunate for, especially in this challenging time. People are losing their lives in this horrible pandemic that we’re trying to get control of. Gratitude for me when I practice it more intentionally, when I meaningfully stop and slow down and think about the things I have to be grateful for in life, my health, my family, my sobriety, my businesses, my freedom, and my independence. What does it do?

It starts to create more love, energy and gratitude

The things that we place time and energy and focus on, we tend to bring more of into our lives. The same with gratitude, it’s really, really strong and powerful emotion. That’s an attractive emotion. It attracts more of the things that you spend time focusing on, that you spend time acknowledging that you spend time being grateful for and being intentional and mindful. So I want to challenge you to this week, this holiday week of Thanksgiving. Of giving thanks for all that we do have as individuals, as citizens, as people and students in the world, all those things we have to be grateful for. Spend some time paying it forward, good deeds or even volunteering. Even if it’s something small. Watch what it starts to do to your heart, to your feeling about the world and about others.

It could be as simple as buying a latte for somebody behind you at a Starbucks. Or giving a homeless person a sandwich or some food instead of just money. It could be as simple as calling old friend and telling them you were thinking about them and hoping that they’re okay. Those small acts when done over time and when done repeatedly can make us feel good about the world. It can make us be more grateful. And when we start to pay things forward like that, our success, our acknowledgement of what we have to be fortunate for and grateful for the world just gets better. It’s just that simple, right? When we’re looking out for our fellow neighbor, friend or citizen, the world’s just a better place.

Pay it forward

Try to really take time to acknowledge things that you’re grateful for in your life that you’re fortunate to have because a lot of people don’t have those things. So we want to try to focus on the gratitude and the feeling, how that makes you feel deep down. So that we can bring more of an indoor our lives. Pay it forward and help other people find new and different things to be grateful for in there’s. Trying to improve our lives and those of others and elevate the human experience.

So I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you really safe with family and friends. Following the protocols and the standards for social distancing. Take some time again, to acknowledge and focus on gratitude and see what it does for you and your life. Thanks so much and again to success and happiness and freedom is always, I love coming to you live with these brief messages every week drop me a comment or a like, or share this with for somebody who could also benefit from it and we’ll see you after the holiday week, next week, the first week of December.

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