I want to talk a little bit about how to motivate your team to finish the year off strong, and to set you guys up. To set up your team, your company, your group for an amazing breakout year in 2021.

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You know, this has been such a tumultuous year. So many things have happened so much disruption, so much uncertainty. It’s been crazy. Nothing short of that, but now we’re starting to see around the corner. We’re starting to see the other side. We’re starting to see an ability to emerge from this. And we’re starting to see a runway to some return to normalcy, not going to be the same.

I think it’s going to be a completely different world than normal, but it’s going to be at least less chaos, at least more stability, at least some more predictability in the world, the market, our future, et cetera. So some things I’m doing to motivate my teams and my respective companies to finish the year off strong and to have a great springboard, a great platform to make 2021 our best year ever is this couple of quick ideas.

Remember to create time and space

I usually do a full day or a day to night retreat with my teams. At least once a year, sometimes more. We’ll do this at one of the resorts or hotels I own. So we’re away from the office off the grid. We’re having some fun where we’re out hiking or boating in the summer. And we also have an agenda. Obviously a work agenda, and recreating a vision for the company, for the team, the group, for the next year, the next quarter, the next month, the next week. Then we’re starting to go through our goal setting process and then our visioning.

And a big part of this is creating what I like to call just that mutual buy-in. Finding commonality in purpose and vision, finding why we’re all doing this, why we’re all working so hard. Why are we striving for excellence in this company and this pursuit in our career? Building that common ground, building that bridge is really, really critical because that’s, what’s going to help get everybody aligned and centered in pursuing the same objectives. It’s also going to mean that everybody’s going to be more. And it also means that the results are simply going to be better. So mutual buy-in creating commonality, spending time on the visioning portion. Going through the why, identifying that, the mission, connecting all these things together. And the goal setting process that we talked about last week, and we can also do a deeper dive on as well.

Meet individually with team members

These are all important things. I really like to do it again out of the office, on a retreat, even if it’s a day trip retreat or ideally an overnight, and also spend some time doing this individually, meet individually with team members, understand what their goals are for their career development and their advancement. What are their goals for the next quarter and the next year? What are new skills and responsibilities they hope to learn? Some new things they want to work on? What are new projects and ideas they have to advance the company to advance their career, to move the needle and both?

We want to listen first. We want to understand so we can better support, train and lead our employees and our colleagues and our teammates to reach new levels, new levels of achievement in their own career, as well as in the growth of our company and business.

So a couple of ideas again on how to really make sure that you’re motivating your team to finish the year off strong that you’re creating time and space and schedule right to go through this and to plan, to get excited about the next year, to lay out common goals to find commonalities, to build bridges, to motivate, to centralize and align our efforts and our why so that we can have a really strong year coming off of 2020 this a year of the pandemic. Because I firmly believe we have a very bright future, all of us. We’re starting to get to that point where we can see the other side here with a vaccine coming, we have a change of administrations. We have all these new ideas. There’s so many leaders stepping up and leaning into the conversation.

There’s renewed energy. The market’s doing well. Jobs are returning. But we still have a pandemic to deal with. We still have a lot of infections daily. We still have a lot of new cases and we unfortunately still have a lot of daily deaths. So we need to take care of business first. So let’s do that first. Then let’s some motivate each other to end this year off strong, priorities in focus. And let’s set all ourselves up for a really, really strong breakout year here coming out of this. So we’re going to push reset. We’re going to restart the decade here in 2021. And let’s turn the door on 2020. I think we’re all ready to do that.

So hopefully this helps you in some way, if it did drop a comment, share this with somebody else who could benefit from it. Give me a like, shoot me a message. As always, love bringing to you value, inspiration and ideas each week to success your happiness, your freedom we’ll talk to you next week.

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