I want to talk to you about the three events that helped me become more successful. And the reason why this is important is as we start to come out of this pandemic here, events live in person are going to start to return.

Online and virtual events were a new experience for many people. It wasn’t quite the same, right? You still get value from a lot of them, but it’s not the same as being there. So I’m really excited to share these with you my 3 favorite events that made me more successful and made a dramatic impact in my life personally and professionally.

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Tony Robbins

The first event, well actually two of the three are by the world renowned Tony Robbins, who almost everybody has heard of. Probably the most recognizable name in personal development in self-help in personal growth would probably be Tony. You know, he’s kind of the, I wouldn’t say the godfather, but he’s definitely the second generation leader. I think just turned 60 larger than life. Literally he’s like 6’8″ in person, commanding presence, awesome guy, huge heart, and hugely talented. Really able to connect with people to understand where they are, to meet them, where they are to identify some of their pain points, their struggles, and to motivate and inspire them.

Unleash the Power Within

To achieve different levels, to step into our capability and our potential, right, as humans and professionals. So I attended two of his events. These were a couple of years back now. One was his most popular, which is known as Unleash the Power Within “UPW.” That’s held several times a year. There’s like 15,000 people in the metal bands in a stadium and it was pretty like remarkable.

I mean, the speakers, the energy, the people I’ve met there from all over the world, you know, working through some of your mindset, impediments or limiting beliefs.

For instance, we walked across 30 yards of hot coals, you’ve probably heard of this. And it was no joke. They were smoking and they came right out of the fire and I watched it all. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that. Didn’t burn my feet. But the point of that is it was mind over matter was envisioning a destination. It was overcoming your fears and leaning into them, to achieve growth. Because that’s where we really grow is when we stretch and push ourselves.

Business Mastery

The other event that I really liked that helped me become more successful in business was his event called Business Mastery. That was in Las Vegas. He holds that a couple of times a year, I went to that one about three years ago now, and that was phenomenal.

I met some awesome people from all over the world. Again, some of his closest friends. I actually highly recommend paying up for VIP or seats where you can sit and be closer to the stage, closer to the guru or influencer and closer to the people that are also paying up for that.

Why? Because it’s the idea of upgrading your room. It’s being around higher caliber people, entrepreneurs, and sometimes you gotta pay to do that, right? You gotta pay to play. So I upgraded the room and I was able to meet a lot of Tony’s close friends, people that are still in contact with me today, that I’ve also formed friendships with had done some business with too.

We learned a ton about scale, about the different pillars of a successful business. Really taking things online now, as things increasingly go digital, driven by social media and our platforms that we build around our personal brands. So Business Mastery, awesome event, highly recommend it.

Wasn’t inexpensive. For the VIP tickets, I think I paid just over five figures. So it was not inexpensive, definitely an investment, but if you’re a business owner or a high performing executive, you should have a budget, an annual budget that you’re investing in your own education, your own skill development, being around more successful and a further along people so that you can level up. So that you can grow and get better too. And if you’re not doing that, I highly recommend you are. Release the Power Within, Business Mastery, both Tony Robbins events. I know he’s gone virtual for most of 2020, and I think a lot of 2021, but I would imagine that’s going to start to go back in person at the end of this year, early next.


The third event that I learned a ton that really helped me become more successful was the Clickfunnels annual event. And if you’re not familiar with clickfunnels as a company founded by Russell Brunson and his partner, and they really focus on creating and helping the lay person, the basic beginner, if you will, to the online marketing world. Create a sales and marketing funnel. By that, I mean a series of steps starting with landing page, some kind of trading and value all the way through to a sales page and an enrollment page to help people sell their knowledge, their expertise, their skills, their products and services online. Right, reaching a huge target audience, you know, nationally and internationally.

The event was great because not only did it introduce me to new ways of thinking about my business, about distribution, about reach, but I also met a ton of super successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs that were already doing this at a scale and level that I had aspired to, and that we’re still working towards getting there. And I’m excited about that because it started to really challenge me. Helped me expand my ambition, helped me think about my business and growth differently. And then they gave me the tactical skills and tools I needed to understand what do I need to do to level up, what am I not doing? Who do I need to partner with? Where do I need to bring in some tech help in web development, right? Where do I need to develop my own skillset personally in-house and what can I outsource and find partners and vendors to do?

That was important because that’s the architecture, right? That’s the actual marketing and sales funnel. That is the lifeblood of any business. And especially in online business, one that’s looking to scale and use the internet to really grow. So the first, Unleash the Power Within, the second Tony Robbins event, Business Mastery, and third Russell Brunson and clickfunnels, awesome events. The last was more tactical. The first two more inspirational business mastery, the most inspirational and tactical kind of a mixture of both.

So hopefully this helped guys. These are three events that I have really, really enjoyed that have helped me become more successful in life and in business. Hopefully you’re attending some of these virtual events. You’re excited to get back to some in-person events, hopefully later this year. And if this offers any value to you, let me know, shoot me a message, share this with somebody else. And again, as always to success and happiness, I’ll talk to you next week.

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