I want to talk about the top three podcasts that I really love right now. And that I recommend that you follow and check out.

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So I’m a big podcast fan. I listen to probably 7 to 10 different podcasts regularly. I would say at least 1 to 2 episodes per week on those podcasts. The reason is it’s a great way for me to surround myself and to stay around the ideas that really support my goals, that support my mindset, that support what I’m trying to accomplish in the world.

And so most of the things I listen to are in the space of personal development, self-education and self-help mindset. However, I do listen to a few that veer more into the entertainment, nonfiction and the historical nonfiction realm as well. But today i’m going to focus on the 3 that I really, really love and resonate with, and I’ve been listening to probably more predominantly than any others. And they’re in the space of business, entrepreneurship, online marketing, personal development, self education and self-help.

1. Lewis Howes: School of Greatness

The first one that I really recommended it’s one of the top rated podcasts out there is Lewis Howes, the School of Greatness.

Really awesome podcast for a number of different reasons. He gets a lot of different guests on there from all different kinds of subject matter areas such as world class athletes, entertainers, actors, politicians, business owners and entrepreneurs. And a lot of these I really relate to because they’re top performers in their field. They understand discipline, competition, success, and grit.

They have all of those skills and they really tell their stories and unpack how they’ve gotten to where they are. This is usually done in an interview type format where Lewis asks several different questions that are usually the same for all people, but then asks a few personalized ones as well based on who the guest is.

2. The Mike Dillard Show

The second one I really like now is the Mike Dillard show. Now Mike Dillard is one of the founding fathers in the online marketing space. Entrepreneur, digital entrepreneur, since the early 2000’s. He’s got a great show and recently rebranded it and just his eponymous name, the Mike Dillard Show.

And it’s a really, really great podcast because he dives deep and has all kinds of guests on the show. People in the entrepreneurial space, digital world, self-education and online marketing. But he also gets some guests on there that are in kind of the holistic wellness living space, personal finance, money management, mindset, health, and wellness. And it gets a really high caliber, high quality guests. So the Mike Dillard show is a great one as well for those of you looking to learn new skills in entrepreneurship, online marketing and other broader personal development topics.

3. Entrepreneurs on Fire

The third is going to be Entrepreneurs on Fire. And it’s a favorite of mine. “JLD,” John Lee Dumas who started this right when podcasts hit, roughly 2010, right after the recession. It’s an awesome podcast. Again, hence the name Entrepreneurs on Fire. It gets mostly business owners, entrepreneurs from all different walks. Again in the online space, fitness space, finance space, consumer product space, e-commerce space, you name it. He gets some awesome people on there.

Generally ask them a series of questions of 3 to 5 questions. A little bit about their story, about some of the challenges they’ve had to overcome. Some of the things they’re working on now. And it’s an awesome podcast. Again, for anybody looking to start a business, grow and scale a business already a business owner, entrepreneur or somebody who wants to become one.

So again, to recap, School of Greatness, Lewis Howes, awesome podcast, the Mike Dillard show. It’s another great one I listen to and love and then Entrepreneurs on Fire with “JLD.”

Bonus: The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan experience. He is the former host of fear factor. He’s a comedian and talented guide and podcast host. And one of the highest earning podcast hosts in the world. Just signed a deal actually recently for over $100 million dollars.

He made $30 million last year on his podcast alone. Joe Rogan experience, check it out. One of the most downloaded podcasts, each episode is a little bit on the long side, 2 to 3 hours sometimes. But he gets some phenomenal guests, topics from personal development, conspiracy theories, politics, geopolitics, and world events.

So that’s my message this week. If you get value from these, I’d appreciate you write me a comment, drop a like, leave a review, shoot me a message or share this most importantly with somebody who can also benefit from this message. Thanks so much guys to success and happiness. We’ll see you next week.

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