Hey, everybody. Keir Weimer coming to you live from one of our offices down in Manhattan in New York. I hope you’re all well, enjoying the first part of spring. The weather’s really breaking and we’re climbing out of this long, cold, and snow-filled winter.

Turn Your Attention to Areas of Strength

Today I want to talk a little bit about something that has been on my mind a lot lately. This is something that I think could benefit a lot of you, as we work to grow our respective businesses. Whether it be as a real estate agent, or as a team leader, or really any type of business owner. And that’s this: focus on your strengths. Play to your strengths, and outsource and delegate your weaknesses. Focus and play to your strengths, and outsource and delegate your weaknesses. If you think about that sometimes it’s a little bit against convention. People say that we should really work on our weaknesses, make sure that we can grow in the areas that we need to, and that we will get better in these areas of improvement we identify.

But, a lot of people will teach the exact opposite. In order to really grow, level-up, and break through to get to that next level, why focus on a bunch of areas where you’re really not the strongest in? You might not have the necessary personality traits or even the interest or passion to really get better in these areas. Why not instead identify those, accept those, and then find a team member, independent contractor, or vendor you can outsource and delegate these tasks to? This way you can turn your attention to the areas you’re strongest and focus on the things you’re really good at and enjoy doing.

So, for me for instance, in the real estate business as a team leader, I enjoy the marketing aspects of the business. Working at a high level on marketing plans for individual luxury properties, or at a brand level that is marketing our entire team. I also really enjoy putting deals together. Negotiating with buyers and sellers. I also really enjoy building a team, supporting agents, being a leader and a manager and also resource for people.

Hire For Your Weaknesses

Now there are other areas in the business that I don’t love. Some of the administrative duties: the data entry, MLS management, and details of the marketing plans. I’ve realized these are not my strengths, I don’t love to do them, and I’m not the best person to do them. So what I’ve identified and accepted is instead of working to get better or build an interest in these, that this is okay. I can hire and bring on an executive assistant, as we’ve done, to really manage and be a leader in those areas. Those are critical areas. They’re not unimportant areas of running our business, but for me, I’ve realized that my strengths lie elsewhere, where I can really help serve the team and our clients at a higher level. If I play to those strengths, get better in those areas, and delegate the other tasks we will really be able to achieve a high level of growth.

So that’s my little message today. It could apply to any type of business you’re in, whether it be real estate, brokerage, investment, development, or running a tech startup. We are better off identifying and realizing that we do have weaknesses or areas of improvement and owning those. We don’t necessarily have to get better in those areas, although we should strive to, but we shouldn’t put all our energy into them. We can delegate and outsource those areas. Then we can really plan, invest time, money, and energy in building our strengths, building our personality traits, and the functional areas of our business that we really enjoy and have aptitude and talent in. Building those will really help move the needle more and allow us to break through and level-up quicker, and really grow faster.

So, that’s the message today. Hope you guys have an awesome rest of your week, and I’ll talk to you all soon!

Thanks, guys. Bye.

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