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I wanted to share a couple of things that are on the top of my mind this week.

Despite the challenges, the setbacks, the hurdles, the inevitable walls, and things that we encounter right on our journey to really achieving our goals, it’s important to remember that we need to commit to our vision relentlessly. And be willing to persevere through those setbacks in order to achieve what we’re looking to achieve. 

We all face setbacks. I’ve faced a couple recently that I had not even anticipated but based on my mindset and my response, I was able to turn these external events into something that was far greater for me and allowed me new space and new opportunities. That old adage of one door closing is another door opening is so true. 

I’m really excited to share that I’m graduating from New York University with my Master’s Degree in Real Estate Finance and Investment. And the reason I share this is twofold:

One is that I’m really proud that I’ve finished this degree.

I started out four years ago for what was supposed to be a two-year degree, but I was busy growing my businesses. I took some time off. My career started to really grow and speed up and I needed to put time and effort into that. 

But I realized too that as time went on, I didn’t want to not finish what I started. I didn’t want to not go myself that courtesy: which is having the integrity to finish what we start, right? To be accountable to ourselves, our goals, and our vision.

And I’m super excited that I did that because now I get to graduate with an amazing degree from the world’s preeminent real estate graduate program.

I’ve extended my network. I’ve met so many new people, faculty, students, friends all over the world now. And you know what, sometimes we need to create space to be patient for those things in pursuit of our goals. 

The other reason I’m sharing this news I also recently got a place in New York City, which was one of my long-term goals. This too, I think, supports this idea of needing to sometimes create space in our life, to work through those challenges, to break free to the other side.

Now I’m not moving down here full time. I still have my brokerage business, resort, and another hotel in upstate New York. But for me, I wanted new challenges, new opportunities, and a new place where I was going to be challenged and stimulated professionally, culturally, and personally, in new ways. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do that than in the epicenter of it all right here in New York City in Manhattan. 

This again goes to the lesson of sometimes needing to step outside of our comfort zone, our day-to-day, and our routines and step into the unknown. Become scared, be uncomfortable, but realize that if you’ve got a really strong and bold vision and you’re going to work tirelessly toward it and you’re going to persevere through those walls and those blocks, every time you challenge yourself like this is a new teaching moment and a new opportunity for growth.

I call it systematic elevation. 

You’re continuing to raise the bar of your achievement and your challenges and the ways in which you are breaking through the next wall. 

Hopefully, this is a value to you guys, a little message, just things on the top of my mind as I’m in a huge transition right now. 

A lot coming together this fall. We’re dropping the new book in January. We’re launching a new mastermind program for investors next year. I’m in a personal move here, graduating school, we’re in contract to buy another hotel, and we’ve recently moved our brokerage business to a new company. 

Transition is the theme, but focus is the commitment.


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