We’re often faced with critical choices in life that will have monumental and life-changing implications and consequences based on our decision.

We often don’t see those consequences when we’re in the moment, faced with a decision and that has an effect on our mindset.

I had three life-altering and life-changing decisions to make with distinct forks in the road in my mid-20s. They would eventually shape who I became as an adult, how I live my life, where I am today and where I am going in the future.

I developed the following system to help break through the toughest of challenges and situations with an ironclad commitment, mindset shift and a will to persevere through any struggle:

Step 1: Courage

This is the first critically important step in the process and transformation. It is where we need to get extremely honest and vulnerable with ourselves. We must let ego, pride and self-importance fall away in pursuit of truth and reality.

This is not always easy because the mind creates constructions and rationalizations to deal with challenges and difficult circumstances.

We often find ways to describe, minimize, or otherwise explain away really challenging times. We have a tendency as humans to use outside reasons, forces, or other things to explain why we face difficulty.

However, the only way we can develop this mindset shift and break through these walls to emerge on the right side of history is to take 100% responsibility and ownership over our behavior and circumstances.

Even if there are outside influences that ultimately contributed to wherever we are in life, whatever we are facing is a function of our decisions and behaviors and habits up to that point.

Don’t ever forget that.

Step 2: Confront

The second step is to confront our current situation and circumstances head-on, make no excuses and take accountability. Accept the truth about the past and where you are in the present moment.

What is critical here is admitting that our past does not have to equal our future. There’s so much power in this statement.

When we realize that in any one moment the rest of our lives can change and be radically different based on a shift in mindset and behavior, the world opens up for us.

It is critical that we accept the truth of our circumstances and confront head-on where we are and what we need to change.

Step 3: Vision

The third step is vision. This comes down to getting crystal clear on what it is you’re seeking in life.

What is truly important to you? What is going to drive you each and every day to commit to the vision and the plan that you set?

Identify your why and what will guide and push you through the low points in the challenge.

You need to get really honest and find what you are working toward, where you want to arrive and how you cross the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

This is a creative process that can be both abstract and highly defined with plans, timelines and goals.

You need to define your vision and what the goal or destination looks like, so you can formulate a strategy and plan on how you’re going to get there.

Step 4: Strategy

This step focuses on laying out a plan with habits, behavior changes, actions and a timeline for how you’re going to actually execute and move toward where you want to be. You’ll want to identify three things:

Goals and priorities

Steps and tactics

The ONE thing that will be the critical success factor to not simply move the needle but to blast the needle off the gauge

An example of this is when I knew that I simply could never, and should never, drink alcohol again. It was one of the key factors that led to one of the worst things in my life. It took me a while to fully grasp and accept that this was not simply an accident.

I had to develop a comprehensive system to support myself; otherwise, I was not going to be able to remain true and committed.

As part of your strategy, find and maintain motivation for your commitment. You’ll want to know the past you want to change and the real emotional consequences to the behavior you’re trying to change.

Step 5: Action

This last capstone step is extremely important.

The system relies on completing each step fully before moving on to the next. It is absolutely essential and critical that after the four first four steps have been completed, we take massive and consistent action each and every day toward our vision.

To do that, we need to:

  • Develop a schedule and a timeline
  • Develop an accountability system
  • Win the morning and win the day by implementing success habits

We need to focus on health, habits, morning and evening routines to fuel your mindset. Establish flow and create an environment that’s conducive to transformation, progress and achievement.

We need to take massive action and steps and never be swayed by discouragement, but keep moving forward no matter what.

I encourage you to try this system to shift your mindset and achieve results when faced with any sized obstacle, wall, adversity, or setback.

It’s going to take quite a bit of intentional effort to break free and emerge on the other side stronger and more purposeful, but…

You can do it!

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” —Tony Robbins

Key Insight

You need to define your vision and what the goal or destination looks like so you can formulate a strategy and plan for how you’re going to get there.

Tactical Tip

What is holding you back from making a change in your life? Is there really something holding you back, or are you choosing not to take the first step? Write down some things that you think are holding you back. Now write down solutions, even crazy solutions. Free all your creativity and problem-solving skills!

Day Check

What massive action did you start today? What obstacle did you push past?

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