I’ve gotten really deliberate about putting myself in positions where I am around people I can lean on, learn from, reach out to for help and find mentorship in new spaces and areas where I want to grow.

Seminars and events in which you are being mentored aren’t just about what you get from the takeaways or the energy you get as you go home.

I’m learning more and more that these events are about the people that you meet and what you learn as you get outside your typical life experiences.

I’m talking about the value you get by stepping outside of your circle and your normal, predictable sphere.

You need to push yourself to grow into new areas of interest, talent or expertise. You need to pull the value from building community and relationships with new people in these environments and see what that can do for growth.

To that end, I’m learning how important it is to be humble in new pursuits and always remain—and be committed to—being a student of the craft.

Whatever your area of focus, business, skill, or expertise, you must remain teachable and willing to ask for help.

Leaning on others, both mentors and peers, is a valuable way to build camaraderie and community toward a shared goal.

We really gain strength by forming mutually beneficial relationships that support and give as well as receive.

There are events for all kinds of people from all over the world, so finding some for your interests won’t be a problem.

People get together to help each other grow and strive to reach new heights in their business and in their lives, build new friendships and foster relationships that may continue far into the future.

You must be humble, teachable and remain in a state of perpetual self-improvement and development. You must be willing to invest in yourself and in your education, open to leaning on others for help and guidance.

Today I encourage and challenge you to do these things and see the benefits that can accrue and will manifest in your life as a result.

Watch the world open up for you and all that you seek to come within your reach.

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” —Margaret Heffernan

Key Insight

Whatever your area of focus, business, skill, or expertise, you must remain teachable and willing to ask for help.

Tactical Tip

Try going out of your way to engage at least one new person today. Find at least one new setting or situation and interact to open the door to new relationships and opportunities for growth.

Day Check

What did you learn from people you interacted with today? How did you feel about yourself after you made an interaction that produced a new insight for you?

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