It’s time to think about a system I have developed that I call Systematic Elevation. A system and philosophy on life that I have developed and implemented to great benefit that I want to share.

Systematic Elevation is the careful, deliberate and methodical progression in any endeavor. It’s the outlook and strategy used to ascend from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s a fact—to advance and grow, we must do things differently than we did before.

The world around us is ever-changing. We, too, must be ever-changing in the skills we identify and develop, the strategies and tactics we implement and follow and the mindset and worldview we adopt and maintain.

It’s the only way we’re going to grow in character, achievement and life expansion in every area and sense.

The system of Systematic Elevation I follow looks like this:

  • I start my year (and revisit quarterly) reviewing and adapting my one-, three-, five- and ten-year plans.
  • I then set really big mid- to long-term goals that both scare and excite me.
  • Next, I develop a set strategy and sub-tactics I will implement to make sure these goals get achieved.
  • I will then identify the resources, capital and people required to make the goal a reality.
  • I then future-pace the development and growth required—in mind, body, faculties and resources—to achieve those large goals.

After that I develop a tracking or monitoring mechanism, ideally with some form of lateral or mentor accountability system in place.

Then comes what I view as probably the most important part of the system or philosophy—I view every success on each of these goals not as an achievement, or a destination, where a goal is accomplished—but rather as simply a new floor. It’s a new, higher floor from which I can continue to build my vision for a massive life and business empire.

This last part is critical. Fundamental, actually. Think of it this way: it’s like you are building a house, brick by brick, layer by layer, until you establish a new floor.

What do you do on that new floor? You shouldn’t merely pull out a rocker and sit back and rest. No, for me, this success simply motivates me to now work on building the house even higher, by working toward adding the next, higher floor to the home—a floor where I can then see farther across the world, the landscape, the horizon of opportunity.

The higher the floor, the farther you can see and the more wisdom you will gain—the better your ability to weather storms, to see paths through obstacles and to plan for future growth.

That’s why this is the most important part of Systematic Elevation: remembering and embracing the notion that no goal is a destination, but rather a milestone on the road, or a higher floor in the house you are building for your life.

We need to always work to build higher floors or vantage points from which we can view and anticipate the changing world around us. These become places from which we can dream and grow, and enhance and enlarge our vision for our life and those around us.

So today, I encourage you to take some time and make a plan if you don’t already have one. This is a comprehensive and involved plan for all areas of your life.

Start short-term—a year, then three, then five, then ten. Focus on the areas of your life that are most important to you. Where you want to see meaningful growth and expansion.

Then go through the steps above, honestly and transparently, to build out the foundation—the architecture if you will—for the house you are building for your life. Remember to spare no detail and make sure to dream really big—as this is the house you will live in.

Don’t cut any corners. Implement this idea of Systematic Elevation, and watch your growth take off in a powerful way.

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” —Alan Lakein

Key Insight

I view every achievement of each of these goals not as a completion, or a destination. Where a goal is accomplished—but rather as simply a new floor.

Tactical Tip

Schedule time today to develop a plan for Systematic Elevation where you can plan to achieve what you want.

Day Check

When will you be working on your plan for Systematic Elevation? Is it on your calendar yet? How will you protect that time to develop this plan and execute on it?

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