The topic of this week share is the importance of taking time to celebrate the small and big wins in life, to recharge, to rejuvenate and reenergize.

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Because when you do that, it really improves your results, focus, performance, and happiness in life and your career. And the reason why I know this is that a couple of years ago, I wasn’t taking the time to do that. I was just working super hard nose down focused, but working seven days a week, 100+ hour weeks, wasn’t enjoying the process was moving away from my hobbies. My relationships were suffering with my family and good friends and I wasn’t enjoying what I was working so hard for and I realized that that’s a problem.

I needed to change my time

I intentionally create barriers and I protect time, personal time for my hobbies, friends, things are important to me, and passion projects. And I make sure that they have a space in my life and they get scheduled in first and protected because when I do that, I’m happier, I’m more focused and energized.

When I come back, I kind of reset and recharge. I get to center and pause, reflect, and focus. And it has so many collateral benefits for my health and wellness, my mindset, my psyche, and my productivity. So hopefully you’re someone who really understands the importance of investing in yourself and in new ideas, new strategies, and new ways that you can live better in a more healthy way and show up differently to life, to relationships, and career.

Hopefully you get a lot of value from these weekly shares on my blog posts. Again, I’m trying to chronicle and document the best practices, strategies, tactics, and inspiration that I’ve learned from others, been influenced by, created myself and implemented in my life to create some really amazing results. From several seven figure businesses to some passion projects that are near and dear to me, to launching a new brand, the Live Free Lifestyle, coaching and supporting people from all walks of life to really live their best life, to achieve their goals and to step into a new way of living.

A new free and successful way of living and way of approaching life

So if you get value from this, please drop me a comment. Give me a like here, share with somebody that could benefit from this message as well. And again, remember, we need to create space in our life and time to pause, to recharge, to reenergize, to reflect, to focus and to enjoy life. As things we work so hard for it, you know, and celebrate things.

The little wins, the big wins. We’re ready to launch a new brand and business called the Live Free Lifestyle that I’m so excited about. It’s a passion project of mine that means so much. It’s going to help so many people break free from bad habits and behaviors and addictions. And it’s something that you can probably see because my energy level rise when I talk about it, that is really, really important to me.

And so we’re down here celebrating that that 9 or 12 months that went into this to get to this point where we’re watching this week. With good friends and a good business partner here and an amazing place. And we’re also going to relax a little. We’re going to savor the hard work and we’re going to get ready for a very busy fall.

So that’s my message. Again, if you get value from this, please let me know, drop me a comment, share this with somebody. Give me a like, send to somebody needs to hear the message too. To your success and happiness. We’ll talk to you next week.

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