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I want to talk about the system I use to set quarterly goals and accomplish more in three months than most do in a year. I’ve been using the system for about a year now, and it started with reading a very influential and powerful book called the 12 week year. It’s written by a guy named Brian Moran, and it’s a really powerful system.

It’s simplistic, but again, don’t let that confuse you because it is really impactful. And here’s how it works. It really chunks the year down into quarters three month intervals, 12 week intervals, where you can really set your goals, your objectives, and then the tactics and strategies that will underpin the achievement of those in a way that is fundamentally different from how we’re taught or how we’ve been programmed and trained to think about goal setting. Oftentimes goal setting will start in end around the 12 month year around a calendar year.

Sometimes we do the review of the year prior and December. We start to plan our goals in our business, our life, personally, professionally in December for the next year. And oftentimes we start the year strong. We have a month or two of great progress and momentum, but then things start to like go a little bit off plan, maybe things arise we hadn’t anticipated. We don’t revisit the plan. The problem is when you don’t change and adapt and pivot the plan.

But the one thing that stays the same as the fact that things always come up, unexpected events and external events such as a pandemic will always throw a wrench into our plans. So we need to be nimble and adaptable. What the 12 week year system really focuses on and teaches us is to break it down into three month intervals where you can really focus and see the end line.

You can choose one to three big goals professionally and personally that you really want to achieve in the next 12 weeks.

Build a Strategy and a Plan Around Achieving Your Goals With Daily and Weekly Action Tracking and Measurement

What we track and measure we improve and what we don’t, we actually get worse at. We can then review the plan and see the progress and the achievements at the end of the 12 weeks. You can then create a new plan for the next 12 weeks where you have then three more of these, because it happens quarterly, right? So you’re doing this goal setting exercise, review management tracking, and refinement four times a year. Instead of just once.

This system has really revolutionized my productivity, my goal setting and achievement performance, and just overall been a better way that’s less daunting, less intimidating, that’s less rigid and more adaptable and nimble and effective. So again, it’s the 12 week year system. I highly recommend the book. It’s great again by a gentleman named Brian Moran, I really got a lot out of it. There’s a great software platform that I use too that goes with it. I’m not compensated in any way for promoting this. I’m simply sharing it because it’s really been helpful in my life. I’ve really liked his approach, this simplistic way of going about goal setting and achievement.

It’s led to some remarkable results by changing the way I think about goal setting and achievement away from this rigid, archaic old 12 month, one year model to a more condensed, tactile understandable and digestible chunk of 12 weeks, three months simple. You get four of these intervals each year. Try this if you’re looking to get more out of your goal setting and to better achieve your objectives personally and professionally.

If you want to have better progress and accomplishment in your life, sometimes it requires just trying something new, getting a little bit uncomfortable, trying a new system because there’s a lot out there, but I’ve really liked and found value in this one. So the 12 week year is my system I use to set and achieve goals in three months that most people don’t achieve in a year because I’m doing it four times. I’m breaking it down on condensing and I’m focused on things that really move the needle. Big goals in my businesses, whether it be launching a book or a new program or course, growing sales to a certain amount, acquiring a new investment property. Some of my personal goals would be around fitness goals, you know, running a 5K in under 20 minutes and reducing my body fat, adding some muscle mass, doing a certain workout in a certain amount of time.

Those would be fitness goals that I work on in these 12 week year plans. Others could be around diet or nutrition, routines, habits, hobbies, family, relationships, whatever area of your life you’re trying to set goals in, you’re trying to grow, develop, personally develop as an individual and a professional. This system could really help you do that.

So again, it’s the 12 week year system really gotten a lot out of it. This system is what I use to set quarterly goals and achieve more in three months that most people can in a year. Hopefully you got some value from this. You saw a little bit about some of my process, how I go about this, do it every quarter. I started a new one and I am excited about the next three months and 12 weeks to see what we’re going to accomplish in our respective businesses. As we finish this hotel project, move on to some new projects and launches that we have coming up. Very excited about that as well as the personal side, because that’s just as important if not more important.

If you got value from this, please drop a comment below. Like this and share it with somebody that might appreciate this motivation and tactics that we shared today. To your success and happiness. We’ll talk to you next time.

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