Hey everybody. It’s Sophisticated Agent Keir here. I want to share a couple of thoughts for the week. What we track and measure, we improve. When we give enough attention to setting up a system of reporting, of understanding results, and identifying KPI’s (key performance indicators); when we do that for the things that really move the needle in our business and in life, those are the things that we will inevitably improve. A little bit of motivation today. Make sure that you’re identifying these as you work through the 12 week year and other goal setting frameworks that we’re teaching and coaching. Set up certain KPI’s. Set up a system of tracking and measuring those key performance indicators and key activities that really move the needle in your business.

Remember to intentionally, and deliberately set up tracking to identify the key performance indicators in your business. In the real estate business lagging indicators are pendings and sales. Leading indicators in the real estate business would be conversations, appointments, setting new advertisements, and marketing. Figure out what each of these are for your business and begin tracking these to improve over time.

So make sure that you’re setting your goals, setting KPI’s, and that you’re tracking and measuring those key activities. These are key revenue generating activities that will really move the needle in your business. That’s the story. That’s the tip. That’s this week’s little message. Hopefully you guys are doing well. Stay happy and stay focused.

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