Hey guys, Keir here coming to you live for this week’s message. I hope you had an awesome weekend. Hope you’re excited and revved up about this week. We’ve got three weeks left of the year where we’re going to push a reset and starting the decade here in 2021.

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Hopefully you had an awesome Thanksgiving. You’re getting excited about the end of the year. You’re already planning for next year, what you want to accomplish. What are your goals? What’s your vision, personally and professionally to grow elevate and take your life, career and business to new heights. So what I’m most excited about in 2021 is this, is a chance to seize the ever-changing market and economy that we’re in right now for the benefit of you and for others that you serve, meaning there’s never been a better time to start a business, to jump into your side hustle, to leverage the power of the internet and all of the increasing eyeballs that are growing on all these platforms and to get out there and serve more people with your message and with your gift.

What I’m excited about particularly is how we’re launching and scaling now our real estate agent course: Sophisticated Agent. We’re scaling our new company and platform and product in the community called the Live Free Lifestyle. We’re building out a portfolio of unique and boutique hospitality, hotels, and brands. And we’re doing a bunch of other stuff in the brokerage space, real estate investing and multimedia space. You want to know why?

I need to stay challenged

I always need to find a way to stay challenged mentally, physically, spiritually, because if I’m not, I feel stagnant and unfulfilled. So I’m looking at new ways where I can serve more people at a higher level on a bigger platform. Now, what I’m also excited about is this is the time of year where I typically do my goal setting process and my visioning for next year, but also reviewing how this year went of my various businesses. I hope you guys are taking some time, time-blocking in your schedule.

Again, like I talked about maybe a few weeks ago, when I started this, I’m almost done with it. It takes several days for me to get through it all. You know, with five different businesses is remove yourself. Ideally take a one to two day trip away from your day to day. Either by yourself, with your significant other, if you want to make this a team exercise and get really creative, get away from your day to day work and demands of life and start to really think about what you want next year to look like. Remember, we’re coming off this crazy turbulent tumultuous year, year of the pandemic, you have COVID-19 and 2020 here.

This is a new opportunity. This is a new chance for you to show up and make this year 2021. Really the start of this new decade. A decade of opportunity, transformation and new horizons. But you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing the planning.

Make sure to set out a roadmap to create a strategy

Understanding and identifying what resources, what people, what capital, what ideas, what new skills and knowledge you’re going to need to learn and marshall in order to make that vision a reality to make those goals achieved. And to manifest them in your life next year. So take the time to do this think really big and then think bigger, right? Feel uncomfortable, let’s get these goals out there. Let’s write them and put them into the universe.

Let’s tell people and share what we’re excited about, right? That’s why I’m doing this because I’m excited about a ton of different things. I want to make this a 10 or 15 minute video, but we need to talk about this stuff. We need to have conversations with those we trust and love, but also with the world at large, because now is a great time lean in to this next chapter to lean in to what you’re meant to do, right?

To lean in to that calling there’s never been a better time and opportunity than now to go do this. Trust me when I say that. We’re seeing the market dynamics play out, we’re seeing the amount of demand out there. We’re seeing this wave and trend towards self-education, toward digital products toward the internet being the main distribution channel, transforming industries across the world. And that includes right here at home, in the US. In the digital information product space, the thought leadership space and all the other spaces, right? That are out there being transformed by technology and by the internet.

I hope you’re getting just as excited as I am about next year, about 2021. You’re taking the time to plan that out, your vision, your goals, and then the strategy that will underpin and support to make sure that vision and those goals become a reality next year. Not still a goal and a distant vision. So again, to success, your happiness and your freedom, I hope you get some value from this. And so like this video, leave me a comment, shoot me a message, share it with somebody who could also benefit, and we’ll see you next week.

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