As I spent Independence Day up on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York, I couldn’t help but reflect on why I feel so lucky to live in this country. Thinking all the way back to our founding fathers, and how America was incredibly outmatched in the war against England. But they committed to their vision and created the country we have today. America is about sacrifice, refusing to fail, and freedom, three things that are the foundation of the American spirit.

Second Chances

If you know anything about me and my story, you know I’ve been through a lot. Our great country understands that people make mistakes, and not everyone is perfect. We know that people can grow and change, and that just because they acted in a certain way doesn’t mean they should get ridiculed for the rest of their lives. America believes in second chances and loves a good turnaround story. In my past, I’ve had to take responsibility for my actions and deal with the guilt and emotions that go along with making certain decisions. I’ve also had to find a way to get past it and make positive contributions to the world. In no other country is there this commitment to resiliency, and an opportunity for second chances.

Commit to Your Vision

When you commit to your vision, you never give up on yourself and never accept failure. That’s what’s so admirable about this country and that’s why I’m so grateful to live in it. No matter what your vision is, you have the ability to go after whatever it may be. I’ve been able to reinvent myself and impact people on a daily basis. That’s what our flag stands for (and so much more).

I hope you take some time today to reflect on what makes this country such a wonderful place to live in and remember to always commit to your vision.



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