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We all encounter challenges in our business, careers, or jobs that require a solution. 

Sometimes a unique solution—not an out of the box one, but one that really takes into account the circumstances—could be very well informed and provide longterm reliability in the outcome. 

For us, this problem is one that’s been kind of a negging, recurring problem. It’s one that has required a deeper level of understanding, creativity, and problem-solving, and it’s one that’s largely been imposed upon us. It’s been out of our control and has to do with the algorithms of certain social media platforms that will remain nameless. 

I think we all encounter this sometimes. Even when we build a following, a business, a sales plan, a marketing strategy, a lead generation strategy that is built on somebody else’s platform—whether it be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, what have you—we’re always beholden and at the mercy of the rules of that platform. They can change the way in which the algorithms, perform, deliver, target, etc at any point, and then you have to adapt. 

Well, we’ve become a little bit of a victim to that and are starting to realize now the dangers of placing too much reliance on those platforms. So for us right now, the problem we’re trying to solve is diversifying our marketing plan and sales channels.

But more importantly, really owning assets, not just renting them. 

When you build a following and a strategy on a platform that somebody else controls and owns, it’s kind of like renting an apartment, right? Building no equity. Being at the whim of a landlord and a lease. Not having true ownership over an asset that can produce predictable, reliable results in the long run. 

So for us, we’re realizing this, we’re iterating, we’re adapting, we’re trying to understand the changes.

Because there have been so many new changes with privacy. Congress is really coming down on a lot of these big social media platforms and tech companies and this regulation and clamping down on how data is used, how personal information is used, how privacy is respected. It’s only going to heighten and increase in the future, so we need to adapt now and change and react so that we can be proactive in the future. 

We’re working with experts and specialists to help us understand that better and to create a solution that can be durable and reliable as we diversify our business and our, our different marketing and sales channels.

So be nimble, be adaptive, build assets, don’t just rent space on platforms. Have a diversified marketing and sales plan. And find creative ways and specialists to help you solve the problems that you face in your business, your career. 


If you are looking to make 2020 your best year yet, you really want to live more intentionally and mindfully, you want to achieve new levels of success in your career or improve your relationships, create new routines and habits that support your success and your vision, I really hope you’ll try out my book.

Please reach out so that I can support you in your journey in any way I can. If you do get the book and do support our launch and you’re getting value from it, let us know how you’re doing. Let us know how it’s impacted you.

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