The message I wanted to come to you guys with today is concerning the arbitrary timelines and deadlines that we place on ourselves, our goals, and our ambitions are sometimes just that: arbitrary.    

Sometimes we need to realize that the way events just kind of unfold naturally is often the best possible scenario for our personal growth. 

As an example, I put a lot of pressure on myself to reach my goals and lofty ambitions for life and I forget to embrace the creativity, innovation, and new ideas that come simply through the process of working towards these goals. It takes the input of different competing schools of thought, perspectives, people, and ideas to really arrive at these breakthrough ideas we’re all looking for. 

When we do allow ourselves the time, headspace, and mental freedom to let these things happen as they will, our vision starts to fall into place organically. And sometimes the path that we set out on is not the path that we stay on and that is okay, too, and often leads us to more genuine lives. 

To accept that, realize that, and really live a full life is to respect our desire to be fulfilled as individuals and challenged as professionals.

Sometimes the things we plan for at the outset of a new goal are often different when we reach the next checkpoint. 

As we grow and evolve so do our tastes, experiences, expertise, skill level, and interests. It is important to accept and celebrate that things change and evolve, including ourselves so we can become the next best version of the person we are meant to be. 

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