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If you had to distill down and choose one word to describe your central focus for 2020…

  • Your deepest and strongest motivations.
  • What you’re going to be committed to most fully and forcefully this next year.

What would that one word be?

One word.

How would you clarify your goals? Distill it down into one word? Be concise and embrace the concept of brevity.

My word for 2020 is “impact.”

How can I create more impact in the lives of others: my teams, my clients and students, and for the world at large? I want to build a bigger platform to scale my impact and message. I want to positively affect and change more lives. I want to help more people get to a higher level of production, income, wealth, freedom, and choice and liberty in their businesses and their lives.

So my question to you this week is: what is your one word? The one world that you could distill your focus, your motivation, your ambition, and what you’re going to really, really be committed to this year.

Start this next decade off strong. Think about that one word.


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