To identify your superpower you can use the Character Diamond test is used to dig deeper into your psyche and identity as a person.

The purpose is to help you get a better understanding of your fears, insecurities, weaknesses and tendencies.

After understanding these things, you can conquer them—and then turn your attention to your strengths and how to build your power as a person.

The Character Diamond consists of four points to identify your superpower:

  • Your Kryptonite: the number-one thing that takes you down
  • The Hill You’re Prepared to Die On: the number-one value you stand for, no matter what
  • Your Flaws and Masks: things that get in the way of you showing up as the best version of yourself
  • The North Star: it’s who you innately are

I want to focus on the last point: the North Star, your unique strength.

For me, my superpower is my Extreme Commitment

Extreme Commitment to my life, goals, ambitions, making a huge and lasting impact on the world and leaving a legacy I can be proud of.

I am determined and committed to my vision for a massive life of accomplishment, impact, contribution, fulfillment and success.

I encourage you to dig deep and identify what your North Star is—what is your superpower?

If you don’t know how to necessarily identify it, you can start by asking some questions and finding the answers to help you arrive at your core beliefs.

Everything stems and becomes apparent from there. What are your:

  • Values?
  • Drivers?
  • Superpower traits?
  • Innate characteristics?

When I did this exercise, I listed some of my beliefs that then helped me arrive at my superpower.

  • Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, achieve happiness and success.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance at life.
  • Your past does not define or equal your future.
  • We must confront our fears and the skeletons in our closet to become free.
  • Always work toward living at peak state, highest and best self.
  • You can always rewrite your story.
  • Every day is Day One, and the first day of the rest of your life.

What are some of your core beliefs that drive you as a person?

What is your North Star—your superpower—who you innately are as a talented, gifted, agent of change in the world?

Let’s GO!

Power Quote

“Your talent, plus passion, plus action, equals your superpower.” —Nadalie Bardo

Key Insight

When you can understand your weaknesses, you can account for them and compensate with your strengths.

Tactical Tip

Think through your core beliefs. What do they tell you about who you are at the core?

Day Check

Where did you see evidence of your superpower strengths show up today?

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